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This office cannot make changes to your Soldier Record Brief! Go to the Military Records page.


According to Federal law, Dept. of Defense and Army Regulations, all employees and contractors must be aware of:
- what records they create
- who is authorized access
- how to file and where to keep
- how long to keep before destruction (some records are never destroyed)
- what to do with non-record and personal material
- what to do with the records when you leave your position

What are the benefits of records management?

Veterans & Family members can request Military Service Records:

RIM-OverwhelmFolders.jpgThe Records & Information Manager (RIM) supports the Fort Leavenworth Garrison in the following areas:

  • Assist internal offices to create & maintain a Records Management Program (RMP) according to Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS).
  • Track and update their office symbols
  • Provide guidance for their publication / printing mission and create official forms.

Learn more about Federal, DoD & Army records management, office symbols, publishing, printing & official forms by viewing this HELPFUL LINKS PDF.