Urinalysis Testing Program

Urinalysis Drug Testing is a deterrence program that assists Commanders and Managers with assessing health, fitness for duty and drug abuse identification for their Soldiers and Civilian employees.

Commanders and Managers at ALL levels have full responsibility to oversee unit/organization drug testing.

Army Regulation (AR) 600-85 mandates that every unit will ensure random urinalysis testing at the rate of 10% of assigned end strength each month.  In addition to random urinalysis testing, every Soldier in each unit will be collected and tested by the end of the fiscal year.

Fort Knox Army Substance Abuse Program provides 3-day Unit Prevention Leader (UPL) certification training for appointed Soldiers or civilians to conduct military urinalysis collections in their units.  UPL Recertification training is conducted every other month.  Contact the Drug Testing Coordinator, at 502-624-7119, or the Drug Testing Technician, 502-624-8368, to schedule attending the UPL Course.