In 1990, Congress enacted a law directing the establishment of a program of assistance to all transitioning personnel affected by mandated reductions. For the United States Army, the Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) was the answer.

ACAP was established by the Department of the Army to help ease the burden of the individual (Military and DA Civilian) experiencing job changes (transition). Family members of veterans of all branches of the Armed Services can utilize ACAP services. ACAP is designed to assist transition personnel in a caring, organized, and professional manner. The program aids individuals and their family by identifying transitioning needs, and providing assistance in meeting those needs.

Fort Knox ACAP was one of the 5-pilot sites established in 1990. The Army's experience with the pilot programs was so positive that they expanded world-wide by 1991. In 1998, this number had increased to 45 operational sites. All ACAP staff members received intense training to better assist their clients with transition needs. In order to ensure quality personnel, ACAP career counselors all possess a Masters Degree or are currently enrolled in a Masters program in related fields.

In 1993, Fort Knox ACAP was identified as being a Regional ACAP site serving those personnel not assigned to Fort Knox, but are within the states of: Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota. The mission of providing workshops to Soldiers who are geographically dispersed has now been transferred to the Virtual Center at Human Resources Command, located at You can also access 24/7 counseling services through the Call Center at 1-800-325-4715.

On 20 June 2014, the Chief of Staff of the Army announced that the Official name for the Army Transition Program will be: "Soldier for Life: Transition Assistance Program." The old designation of ACAP will no longer be utilized, effective immediately. We are set to take another step forward and continue to provide the best transition services to all transitioning Soldiers, Retirees, Family Members, and veterans; only we will now do it under the new banner.

The Soldier for life: Transition Assistance Program starts with an appointment where transitioning personnel participate in confidential counseling/needs assessment sessions. They are apprised of all benefits, location of service providers, and transition services afforded them. Referrals to the proper combination of service providers for in-depth information can also be accomplished.

TAP can assist military transitioners, from all branches, preparing the Pre-Separation checklist. To register with Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program from a remote location and to complete the DD Form 2648 or DD Form 2648-1 (RC) online, then go to and in the top right-hand corner click on "Login." You must have your AKO username and password to login. Completion of this form is mandated by Public Law (VOW Act), Directive-Type Memorandum (DTM) 12-007: Implementation of Mandatory Transition Assistance Program Participation for Eligible Service Members and Operation Order 054-12. Clients must also be enrolled in mandated events including VA Phase I and VA Phase II Briefings, a 3-day Department of Labor Employment Workshop, a MOS Crosswalk seminar, a 5-hour Financial Planning Seminar, an ITP Review Seminar, and complete a Capstone final Quality Assurance class. Each client must also have in their possession: a resume, a 12 month financial budget, a Gap Analysis, a reference list, cover letter, 2 job or school applications, and job or school acceptance letters.

To register and complete the Preseparation Counseling, contact 502-624-5222 or 502-624-2227.