The top priority of the the installation safety office is to safeguard and protect service members, their families, civilian employees and Army and Air Force property, as well as to create the safest workplace and living environment possible. 

Army Traffic Safety Training Program

Fort Belvoir and Fort Meade are the designated training locations for the Army Traffic Safety Training Program (ATSTP), which includes motorcycle training. According to DODI 6055.04 Enclosure E, all Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve (all 6 Services) shall attend Basic Rider Course (BRC) before riding a motorcycle for the first time.  Training is free, the loaner motorcycle is free.    After attending BRC, if the Service Member buys a motorcycle, the owner shall attend Experienced Rider Course/BRC2 within a year. Sporty bike owners shall also attend Military Sportbike Riders Course (MSRC). After ERC/BRC2/MSRC, retraining/refresher is required every 5 years, and the Service Member is encouraged to attend more frequently.

Annual Leave cannot be charged. Fort Belvoir trains all six services.

Civilians, contractors, dependents, retirees do not require BRC to ride on a military installation. The US Army’s ATSTP program does not offer training to civilians, contractors, dependents or retirees.

Fort Belvoir runs a robust training program, in an open-air classroom. Click here to sign up for training or call 703-806-3447.