Moving is challenging!  However, Camp Zama’s Relocation Readiness Program provides assistance with relocation.

The Newcomer’s Orientation, for example, is a must-attend event that takes place every first and third Thursday of the month. In the morning session, speakers from Camp Zama's major organizations inform newcomers where they are located, how to contact them and their area of specialty. 

The top of the noon hour begins with the free “Taste of Japan” lunch, which is an introduction to Japanese cuisine. Very delicious! The Newcomer’s Orientation picks up again after lunch with Medical Activity Japan programs and the base tour. Knowing the location of key organizations at the beginning of your tour helps mitigate frustration, reduces stress and saves time. Every Soldier and DA civilian is required to attend the Newcomer’s Orientation, but family members are encouraged to attend.

The Army Community Service loan closet also helps with moving. While you wait for your household goods to arrive, we have dish kits, coffee makers, microwave ovens and much more at your request for 30 to 60 days.

Japan Specific Sponsorship Training classes, meanwhile, help would-be sponsors learn how to help an inbound Soldier or DA civilian with their Permanent Change of Station moves. Steering a Soldier or DA civilian from the snares of financial traps that break the bank and/or stressors that sends them over edge is part of being a great sponsor. Going the extra distance creates a win-win for the inbound Soldier, DA civilian and their family; it is the hallmark of being a great sponsor. 

Japan language classes for adults are also available and they are a great way to learn greetings, phrases, how to order a meal, ask for directions and much more.

Conversational English classes are designed to assist foreign born spouses and family members learning English. These classes focus on developing confidence to speak freely with English speaking friends and coworkers. 

To learn more, contact the Relocation Readiness Program manager for more information at DSN:  315-263-2382 or COMM 81 046-407-2382.