Before traveling, know which driving permits you’ll need to ensure you’re always covered while driving overseas. To drive in Italy, all DoD members and dependents are required to have a SETAF license along with a valid U.S. Driver’s License. You must carry your U.S. license with your SETAF license. Only SETAF license holders are authorized to drive a SETAF registered vehicle.    


To drive in Italy, all Soldiers and Command Sponsored dependents are required to have a SETAF license. A SETAF license is not valid without a valid U.S. license, or country's license. You must carry your U.S. license or country's license with your SETAF license. Only SETAF license holders are authorized to drive a SETAF registered vehicle.

SETAF licenses are only valid in Italy. U.S. drivers in Italy are strongly encouraged to get an international driving permit or Italian Driver’s License.

Orientation/Testing method:

You can choose to take the orientation and test “in person” at the DTTS Office, or use the JKO U.S. Forces Driver’s Training Program for Europe online course.  No switching between the two testing methods.  

JKO Method:

U.S Forces personnel, civilians and family members stationed or scheduled to deploy to Europe can take their certificate of license training and exam online at Joint Knowledge Online (JKO). Individuals with a Common Access Card (CAC) can login to JKO and create an account.

Non-CAC holders must request a sponsored account by signing up with JKO. Sponsored accounts must use the USERID and PASSWORD issued by JKO to access the system and take the exam.

  • Go to JKO at https://jko.jten.mil enter, and log into JKO using whatever method best suits your situation.  Dependents MUST login using their own account; NOT their sponsors CAC card or account. Select the “Course Catalog” tab.  Type “Driver” in the “Title Key Word” field, then select the “Search” button.  Enroll in USA-007 U.S. Forces Driver’s Training Program for Europe (2hrs)
  • Go to JKO at https://jko.jten.mil and follow the same instructions as noted above for the Orientation module.  Enroll in USA-007-B U.S. Forces Driver’s Training Program for Europe

** Final Course Exam (2hrs); which is valid for 60 days.

The DTTS office will ensure that you actually took, and passed, the test on JKO prior to issuing a license. The DTTS office cannot issue a SETAF/AFI license on the same day that you take the Final Course Exam. Falsified JKO certificates will result in a 90 day suspension of eligibility for a license.

***If you use the JKO U.S. Forces Driver's Training Program for the testing method, two certificates are required; pre-course and final exam certificates with a passing scores of 85% or higher on the final exam.



In- Person Testing:

Submit a request for a Driver Testing appointment to take the test at the DTTS Office. Testing in-processing begins at 0830

**Download, and study, the Drivers Testing Manual here.

Driver’s Orientation Training

Schedule an appointment for in-person Driver’s Orientation Training at: Here

**Personnel and dependents transferring directly from another European Command are not required to take the test; however they must complete Italy’s Driver’s Orientation Training.

Required Documentation:

  • AEF 1901T (You can receive a copy at DTTS office and fill it out there) 
  • Your valid (unexpired) State or Country Driver License
  • Your Military ID (Military ID, Dependent ID card, or CAC)
  • A copy of your orders
  • JKO Certificates; if exam taken online



To be able to apply for a SETAF license in Italy, you must first have a valid U.S. driver’s license, or country's license. To make life easier, renew your driver’s license before you PCS if its expiration date falls within your timeline overseas.

To be granted permission to operate a motorcycle in Europe, Soldiers must have current MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) training and PPE per AR 385-10, have an EC (European Commission) approved helmet and motorcycle endorsement on their US license. Civilians and dependents are not required to have MSF training but must have the endorsement on your state or country license and EC approved helmet. 


Outside of Italy, many countries will not recognize a U.S. or SETAF license. To drive through neighboring countries, you will need to purchase either:

  • International Driving Permit ($20, renewed yearly): At least 4 weeks before traveling, apply by mail or in person at AAA or AATA (the 2 agencies authorized by the State Department to issue IDPs).
  • Italian Driver’s License (~270€, valid for 10 years for drivers less than 50 years old, 5 years for all others). Apply once you arrive in Italy.



    The Camp Darby Drivers Testing Offices are located in Building 703.

    DSN: 633-8161 / CIV: 05054-8161