Get ready. Set. Go start your housing search… and be patient.

Living off-base in the Italian community has it rewards and challenges. There are several steps to complete the housing process to include  finding a house, signing a lease agreement, receiving your household goods and setting up utilities. Do not sign any agreement without the  Housing Offices’ approval. NOTE: DoD members must wear civilian clothes when off-post.

Housing Eligibility Process

IMCOM Europe region is under a mandatory Military Family Housing assignment policy (AE Cmd. Memo 2018-32) signed by Lieutenant General Cavoli. 100% of accompanied Soldiers will be assigned to Government-controlled Military Family Housing when occupancy is lower than 95%. All single/unaccompanied Service Members in the grades of E-6 and below assigned to USAG-IT, DMC are subject to living in the barracks until 95% occupancy is met.

All other grades must follow the standard Exception to Policy (ETP) process for USAG-Italy. Stay in contact with your unit sponsor during your PCS. All inbound unaccompanied E-6 and below must tailor their HHG shipment to accommodate barrack space.

TLA is not authorized when UPH space is available for utilization.

UPH (Barracks/dorm) managers will follow guidance IAW the ABMP. All accompanied members/Unaccompanied E-7's and above must contact the Housing Office with two working days after arrival.

Unaccompanied E-6 and below must contact the barracks managers.

Meet with Housing to determine eligibility based on rank, housing availability, and dependents. There are two types of housing options:

  • Government Leased Housing (No OHA): These are private  homes within the local community that meet particular  standards and which are leased to the Army. You do not pay  any rent or utilities because the government covers these costs for you. As such, you will not receive any Overseas  Housing Allowance (OHA).
  • Private Housing: These are private homes vetted by Housing or found by a realtor. You are responsible for rent & utilities.
    • If government-leased housing isn’t available, housing will  brief you on the private rental process.
    • Search for private homes with HOMES which is  vetted by Housing or Private realtor (fee of 1 month’s  rent + 22% tax is at your expense).

Housing FAQ

  • Overseas Housing Allowance: Rent, utilities and a one time MIHA Miscellaneous payment for you.
  • Renter’s Insurance: In Italy, tenants are responsible for fire damage (without evidence to contrary). Insure your household goods and rental property accordingly.
  • Detectors/Alarms for your Home: Smoke, carbon monoxide, and natural gas detectors aren’t required in homes by Italian law.
  • Mold Prevention: Open windows daily for 15 minutes to let  in fresh air and natural light to kill mold spores.