Welcome to the Military Personnel Division:  Our mission is to provide timely and friendly diverse military personnel service support to Soldiers, their Family members, retired military, DoD civilians, and government contractors; thereby, promoting Soldier readiness and Family success.

The various agencies within the Military Personnel Division are responsible for providing installation level personnel services to military personnel within USAG Daegu community. MPD provides the highest quality of timely and accurate military personnel service to our units, tenant organizations, quality customer service in the areas of reassignment processing, to include deletions, deferments and family travel, administrative service support and personnel actions.

Our mission is to deliver friendly, diverse services to Soldiers, their Families, retired military, government civilians, and government contractors. Furthermore, our office provides sustainment services to maintain mission readiness of military personnel, Family members and commanders of the Daegu community.

We provide personnel services support for Non Personnel Services Delivery Redesign (PSDR) units. Personnel services include but not limited to, updates to Enlisted/ Officer Record Brief and DD Form 93, In/Out Processing, Dependent Student Travel, and Early Return of Dependents. The S1 is the Soldier’s primary point of contact, and will provide an MPAS to the Soldier when an appointment needs to be scheduled with the Personnel Services Office.  Out-Processing is done on a walk-in basis.


Provides support to all Permanent Party and Trainee/Student Soldiers in the following areas; Permanent Change of Station, Temporary Change of Station, Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus, Special Duty Pay, Stabilization, Deletion/Deferment requests, and No-Fee Passports.


For questions concerning Reassignments, Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. Soldiers are required to contact their Battalion S1. S1s will provide a Levy packet to be completed and returned for turn-in to the installation Personnel Reassignment Work Center (Levy).

Levy Briefings

IAW AR 600-8-11, Enlisted Soldiers must attend a LEVY brief within 30 days of assignment notification. Officers are required to attend a Levy brief within 15 days of request for orders (RFO). S-1s are notified when enlisted Soldiers are placed on assignment.  Reassignment briefings are held in Building 330 Room 315. Please see your S-1 to complete and turn-in a Levy packet prior to attending the briefing. 

All Soldiers see your Battalion S-1 for a levy packet.  Once completed, S-1s will deliver the packet to the Reassignment Section, Soldier Service Center, building 330, Room 308.

Out Processing

Out-processing briefings are held in Building 330, Room 201, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s beginning at 1030 hours.


  • Out-processing briefing for Area IV Soldiers
  • Issuing of Installation Clearing Papers


More Information:

Retirement Services Office

The Retirement Services Office provides a variety of support functions to retiring and retired military personnel, their dependents and survivors. We provide retirees and their families, additional services that would be readily available to retirees living in the U.S. but are not easily accessed from Korea.

ID Cards & DEERS

ID Cards & DEERS office provides professional, quality customer service to all Soldiers, family members, retirees, civilian and contract employees. Our services include the issuance of Identification Cards for Members of the Uniformed Services, ID Tags, and update DEERS records.

Ration Control

Access to duty-free goods is controlled by the US-ROK SOFA and U.S. laws, regulations and policies. In Korea, patrons allowed to purchase duty-free goods at the commissary and exchange must be authorized in accordance with commissary and exchange regulations as well as the SOFA.