CYS Services

Child and Youth Services (CYS) provides programs and services for children of eligible military and civilian families. Within CYS you will find something to meet your children’s needs,including:

· Full, part time or hourly childcare

· Before/after school care

· Camps

· Programs for your middle school and teen youth

· Instructional classes

· Workforce preparation opportunities

· Sports and fitness activities

Today’s CYS programs, deemed a"model for the nation" by Presidential acclaim, continue to operate on these cornerstones:

· Quality – Child care is DoD-certified and nationally accredited

· Availability – Childcare is available on- and off-post

· Affordability – Fees for various programs are competitively priced and affordable regardless of sponsor's income

· Accountability- To safeguard the Army's resources by efficient management oversight, good fiscal stewardship, reducing waste and protecting assets of programs and services to Soldiers and their Families.

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Whether You are wanting eat in, take food out, bowl, have a casual meal, or eat something more refined our dining options cover all of your bases. 


Hilltop Bar & Grill

Perimeter Pub

States Grill

Windy City Bowl & Grill

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Have fun in any of our two Community Activity Centers or relax and read a book in the Libraries. Book a trip with Hana Tours with our Outdoor Reacreation Program or hit a few Balls on the Golf Course. The Possibilities are endless...

Evergreen Golf Course

Camp Walker Community Activity Center

Camp Carroll Community Activity Center

BOSS Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers

Outdoor Recreation Program

Walker Library

Carroll Library

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Sports, Fitness, and Aquatics

Get your work out on in any of our fitness facilities and then cool off in any of our aquatic facilities. 
 Kelly Fitness Center
Camp Carroll Fitness Center
 Walker Aquatics Center
 Carroll Aquatics Center  

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Army Community Services (ACS)

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ACS invites you into a world of education, opportunity and discovery while offering programs and services that promote self-reliance, resilience, and stability during war and peace.

View the many programs and services ACS has to offer below:

ACS is located on the 2nd Floor of the Soldier Support Center BLDG. 330 on Camp Walker or call 763-4426/ 050-3363-4426 for more information!

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Special Events and Programs

USAG Daegu Family and MWR hosts a wide variety of events for the community every month and we have 4 main events every year, Liberty Fest, Trunk or Treat, Kringle Fest, and Blossom Bash. For more information please click on the links below:

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Home Based Businesses

Home Based Businesses increase opportunities for spouse employment and additional income for Soldiers, Civilians, and their Families. Find out more about how you can start and maintain a Home Based Business while assigned to USAG Daegu by reviewing the SOP, or call 0503-363-6075 for details.

Home Based Business Approval Process

Step 1: Obtain the HBB Application from the website or in person at the DFMWR Headquarters Bldg.

Step 2: Complete the Application. This includes visiting and obtaining approval from installation agencies like the Housing Office and Safety Office. If you need any additional documentation (like licensing or certifications), get that, too. If you have questions feel free to reach out to our DFMWR representative.

Step 3: Turn in the Application: Once you’ve completed your paperwork, submit the application to your Garrison DFMWR. Keep a copy of the completed application for your own records.

Within 30 days, you should get notification of approval. Simple!

Get approved now!

  • If you operate an HBB on post and aren’t yet approved, now’s the time to get official.
  • We’ve recently streamlined processes, so they’re easier than ever. You can get approved within 30-60 days.
  • Moving your HBB from another installation? If you were approved there, the process is even easier!
  • New Army guidance directs installations to “find a way to say yes” to HBB owners – so we’re prepared to make this easy for you.
  • Operating an HBB from your quarters without approval can violate policy and get you in trouble.

Don’t delay. Get your Home Based Business registered today by contacting your local DFMWR!

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Private Organizations & Fundraising

Private Organizations

Private Organizations (PO) that wish to operate in USAG Daegu are required to register with the PO coordinator! For more information and packet processing, please contact the Family and MWR Private Organization Advisor at 763-6075 or 050-3363-6075. The PO Advisor is also your contact to submit fundraising requests.



All fundraising activities on USAG Daegu Installations require prior written approval by the Garrison Commander. Units and Soldier and Family Readiness Groups (SFRGs) leaders are responsible for ensuring that they are also in good standing with all Informal Funds Training before they can fundraise on the installation. This class is given by ACS.

Fundraising packets must be submitted in person at least 30 days in advance of the request date to the fundraising coordinator in Camp Walker Bldg #374. Please call 763-6075 or 050-3363-6075 for more information.

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