Transition is a process, not an event.

Pre-transition processing gives the Soldier and spouse relevant information in advance of separation to facilitate planning for a successful transition to civilian life, and clearly communicates the benefits and opportunities available through participation in the USAR or ARNG.

The Pre-transition process is initiated by the Military Personnel Division Transition Center as follows:

  • For normal transition dates, Soldiers will be notified by the MPD via email 180 days before the effective date of transition (ETS date).
  • Once a Soldier is identified for separation, they are required to begin separation processing by
    • visiting the Area IV MPD Transition Center
    • beginning the Transitions Assistance Program (TAP)
    • completing the virtual Separation Brief and their separation health assessment
    • planning or requesting terminal leave
    • other actions as necessary.

Normal Transition:

  • Soldiers should immediately begin pre-transition processing by visiting the MPD Transition Center as early as 180 days prior to their ETS date or when they have been identified for separation.
  • NLT 120 days prior to the ETS date Soldiers will submit all documents on the Transition Checklist (AMIM-HM Form 53) through a Personnel Action Request (PAR) in IPPS-A.
  • Transition Packets submitted less than 70 days from ETS date will require a Letter of Lateness signed by Battalion Commander.

Involuntary Separation:

  • Chaptered Soldier will submit all documents on the Transition Center Chapter Checklist (AMIM-HM Form 54) through a Personnel Action Request (PAR) in IPPS-A.
  • The Chapter Packet with all supporting documents will be hand carried to the Transition Center once complete to determine Date of Separation.
  • Soldiers being chaptered will receive their orders NLT 2 days after the Chapter Packet and all necessary documents have been submitted to the Transition Center.
  • Soldiers require an escort and to be always in uniform when visiting the Installation.

Minimum processing time for the Transition Center is 10 days, this does not include the 10 duty days allowed to clear the unit and installation – Plan Accordingly


Soldiers will final out at the Transition Center the day before their ETS or Terminal Leave start Date.

Soldiers must have a completed Separation Health Physical and signed Capstone DD 2648.

Soldiers are allowed 10 business days to clear the installation.

Soldiers must be in uniform to final-out and receive their DD214

 In Country Separations (ICS):

An In Country Separation is required for anyone intending to separate from and take leave within the Republic of Korea before or after their separation date.

(If you do not have an approved In Country Separation prior to taking transitional/terminal leave ALL of your Korea Entitlements will stop.)

Officer Separations

  1. Soldier Request for Separation
  2. Separation Counseling - IAW AR 600-8-24 Chapter 1-14 (signed by O6)
  3. Sexual Assault Memo
  4. Soldier Talent Profile (or ORB thru AIM II portal)
  5. Reserve Counseling Memo {Required for Unqualified Resignations (UQR)}
  6. Tuition Assistance Acknowledgement Memo (Visit the Education Center)
Officer Separations: UQR or REFRAD for HRC APPROVAL
All voluntary requests are submitted through your brigade S1 to your local Transition Center to be transmitted to HRC via IPPS-A

Please visit the HRC Separations link for examples of the required documents. (May work best in Google Chrome or Firefox)