Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

tap.jpgThe Transition Assistance Program (TAP) is an enduring program, institutionalized within the Army culture and life cycle functions to assist Soldiers and their Families with successfully transitioning from active service to the civilian sector. This includes preparing them to be career ready, for educational opportunities, for entrepreneurial opportunities and tactically connecting them to opportunities that lead to civilian success. The Army Career Skills Program (CSP) compliments TAP by providing Soldiers the opportunity to acquire high-demand knowledge and skills during the transition process leading to highly skilled careers after they transition from active duty.


TAP: If you are an active or Reserve Component Soldier with 180 or more days of continuous active federal duty service, you and your Family members are eligible to receive TAP services 18 months prior to transition or 24 months prior to retirement. Completion of TAP requirements is congressionally mandated.

Step 1: Pre-Registration

  • Open Army Transition Assistance Program in Google Chrome
  • Click login button with a lock pictured (upper right corner)
  • Login with your CAC
  • Go through all pre-populated information; add any missing info (i.e., cell phone, civilian email)
  • When you get to a screen that asks you to schedule an appointment you are done.
  • Stop by or call the front desk at 719-526-1001 | 719-526-1002 to schedule your initial counseling

Step 2:  Individualized Initial Counseling and Self-Assessment: This is a congressionally mandated requirement that MUST be completed not later than 365 days prior to transition.

Step 3: Complete Individualized Initial Counseling (IIC): Call 719-526-1001/719-526-1002 or visit the TAP main office, building 6237, room 104, to schedule your Individualized Initial Counseling (IIC).

Step 4:  Complete Your Pre-Separation Counseling Briefing: Pre-separation counseling will be scheduled by your counselor at your IIC appointment. During the pre-separation briefing you will learn about benefit and resources available to you. These are conducted over the phone.

Step 5: TAP Mandatory Courses: Your counselor will assist you in determining which TAP courses are mandatory for you.

  • DoD Training Day; MY Transition, MOS Crosswalk, Financial Planning for Transition
  • VA Benefits and Services (JKO or LMS only at this time)
  • Department of Labor (DoL) 1-Day Fundamentals of Employment or Verified Employment Waiver
  • Continuum of Service Opportunity Counseling — required for AC only. (Tuesday/Thursday at 2 building 1042, located at 1853 O’Connell Blvd.)

2-DAY TRACKS: All Soldiers have the opportunity to register for one or more of the following two-day tracks depending upon their individual transition plans. Soldiers who need additional support to meet their transition goals may be placed in these classes by their assigned counselor based on the individual assessment completed during the IIC.

  • Education Track: provides guidance for those pursuing higher education upon transition.
  • Vocational Track: provides guidance for those pursuing career technical training.
  • Employment Track: provides guidance for those pursuing employment.
  • Entrepreneur (Boots to Business) Track: provides guidance for those pursuing self-employment.

Step 6: Follow-On Appointments/Capstone: Counselors are available by appointment only. You must schedule appointments ahead of time. You MUST schedule your Capstone appointment to be completed 90 days before your transition date.

Step 7: Clearing: A stamp on your clearing papers is no longer required for TAP. Please print your finalized DD2648 and provide a copy to Transitions during your final out-processing.

  • Printing Your E-FORM (DD2648)
  • Go to Milconnect
  • Login with your CAC
  • Select the correspondence/documentation tab
  • Select DoD Transition Assistance Program (DoDTAP) tab
  • Select E-Form
  • Select download and print

Step 8: Career Skills Program (CSP): To be eligible for CSP participation you must be within 180 days of your actual transition date, meet program-specific requirements and have approval of the first field grade commander in your chain of command. You MUST also have completed all mandatory TAP requirements prior to the start of any program. For more information on CSP call 719-526-2096 | 719-526-1197.

Additional Services

Events: TAP hosts multiple monthly events and additive classes to assist our transitioning Soldiers and Family members. These include, but are not limited to, Hiring Events, Resource Fairs, CSP Information Sessions, Federal Resume Writing courses, Networking, Interviewing Techniques and Salary Negotiation, and Dress for Success courses. To see a full schedule of events, stop by the TAP Center to pick up a monthly calendar. To register for an additive class, visit the Fort Carson TAP Center or call 719-526-1001 | 719-526-1002.

More Information

For additional information on any of our services, call the Fort Carson TAP front office at 719-526-1001 | 719-526-1002 or stop by the TAP Center during our walk-in hours, Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.