The program is your main source of information for Carlisle Barracks and the surrounding community. Our trained IR&F staff will provide Soldiers and their Families with any information or assistance they may need. A counselor will assess each individual's situation and make a referral to the appropriate military or civilian agency. In addition, the staff members will follow-up in complex cases to insure further assistance, if needed.


IR&F program strives to:

  • Readily provide commanders, Soldiers and Families with information regarding the military and civilian community.
  • Link Soldiers and Families with available and appropriate resources at the lowest cost and without duplicate effort.
  • Assist in long range community planning by identifying duplications, problems and gaps in the service delivery system.
  • Reduce Soldier and employee time away from the job while they are seeking available accessible services.

Carlisle Barracks Leader's Referral Guide provides a quick and effective referral for Soldiers, Family members and civilians.


Helpful Links


Domestic Violence Contact Numbers

  • Contact (24 hour hotline): (800) 852-2102
  • Family Advocacy Program: (717) 245-3775
  • Carlisle Hospital Emergency Room: (717) 249-1212
  • Social Work Service: (717) 245-4602
  • Chaplain's Family Life Center: (717) 245-3318
  • DA Police: (717) 245-4115

Child Neglect and Abuse Contact Numbers

  • Social Work Service: (717) 245-4602
  • Department of Family and Children Services (717) 240-6120

Sexual Assault Resources