Warrior restaurants accept cash and credit cards.


Discount Rate   

Standard Rate   



















Night Snack   



The Discount Rate shall be charged to:

  • Spouses and other dependents of enlisted personnel in pay grades E-1 through E-4.
  • Members of organized non-profit youth groups sponsored at either the national or local level and permitted to eat in the general dining facility by the Commander Officer of the installation. Such groups include: Civil Air Patrol, Junior ROTC, and Scouting units.
  • Officers, enlisted members, and federal civilian employees who are not receiving the meal portion of per diem and who are either
    • Performing duty on a U.S. Government vessel,
    • On field duty,
    • In a group travel status, or
    • Included in essential unit messing (EUM) as defined in the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), Chapter 2, Par. 020315.
    • Assigned to Essential Station Messing (ESM) as an enlisted member defined in DoDD 1428.05.
  • Officers, enlisted members, and federal employees who are not receiving the meal portion of per diem, and who are on a U.S. Government aircraft on official duty either as a passenger or as a crew member engaged in flight operations.
  • Officers, enlisted members, and federal employees on Joint Task Force operations other than training at temporary U.S. installations, or using temporary dining facilities.

The Standard Rate shall be charged to all officers and enlisted members receiving an allowance for subsistence (other than those addressed under the discount rate above); any officer, enlisted member or federal civilian employee receiving the subsistence portion of per diem; and all other personnel (including Reserve Component officers on Inactive Duty Training) authorized to eat in DoD dining facilities).


The price of each item on the menu shall be established at 133 percent of the food cost (i.e., the cost of unprepared food multiplied by a factor of 1.33)