Welcome to the Directorate of Human Resources Passports Office in Fort Bliss, Texas.

Official Passport Instructions
1. If you have an overseas assignment and need to know if you or your family are required to obtain an official passport please follow this website: https://www.fcg.pentagon.mil/. Click on “ENTER THE SITE” and then type in the country you are going to. You will need to be on a .mil network (Government Network) with a CAC ID in order to view the contents of this webpage. If you are not able to get into this link or have further questions, please contact our passport office by phone or e-mail at the below POC’s.

2. Keep in mind that not all countries require passports and may only require orders and military ID cards to enter their country.

3. If you or your family members are required to obtain an official passport please follow the “Passport Appointment Checklist” PDF and the “How to Complete the Online Official Passport Application” PowerPoint below. All passport applications are required to be completed online and not through a regular PDF application. When the application is printed ensure the 2D bar code appears on the upper left corner of the application.

4. Once you complete your passport application(s) online and have all the necessary documents, please e-mail us to schedule an appointment at usarmy.bliss.imcom-central.mesg.fb-passports@army.mil.

5. All documents required for processing your passport application will be taken during the time of your appointment and will be submitted to the Department of State in Washington DC. Once completed in Washington DC, your personal documents and passport(s) will be returned to our office for pick up. An e-mail will be sent to you for notification to pick up your passport(s) and personal documents. If you need additional copies of your personal documents, we urge you to make necessary copies prior to coming to your passport appointment.

6. For countries that require a visa, your passport has to be requested first and returned before submitting the visa application. For visas, there may be additional documents required such as extra photos or money orders. Please keep in mind not all countries require a visa. To verify the requirements of a visa application follow the website: https://passportmatters.army.mil. Click on the country you are going to, and review the requirements. Visa applications will be discussed during the time of your passport appointment.

7. Family members who are not U.S. citizens will travel on their personal passport issued by their country. For visa or SOFA Card information regarding family members who are not U.S. citizens, please contact our office.

8. All applicants must be present during the time of their passport appointment. All applications (passports or visas) are processed by appointments only.

9. The processing of passports can vary. During high peak season (February – September) it can take anywhere from six-eight weeks for passport applications to be processed. During low peak season (November – February) it can take anywhere from four-six weeks for passport applications to be processed. Visas can vary depending on which country which will be discussed during the appointment. Expedite request (passport applications only) can take anywhere from two-four weeks.

10. If you process your passport application and do not pick up your personal documentation within one year, then our office will mail your personal documents to the address you provided in the emergency contact information within the passport application.

11. To schedule official (no fee) passport photos, schedule an appointment at https://vios-west.army.mil/

12. The Fort Bliss Passport Office is only for official no fee passports. For information about regular fee (tourist) passports, please call 1-877-487-2778 or visit online at: https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/passports/information/where-to-apply.html