The Family Advocacy Program in Europe (FAP-E) outreach and prevention program is designed to strengthen and improve the quality of life for our military Families by increasing self-sufficiency, resiliency and community cohesion for active duty, Family members, civilians and retirees.

Together with garrison and host nation agencies, FAP-E provides a multitude of programs and services designed to build individual and Family strengths as well as advocate for non-violent communities. The goals of the FAP-E are:

-      Leverage individual and Family strengths

-      Overcome behaviors that may contribute to Family maltreatment

-      Value Family member differences

-      Enhance behaviors that foster healthy military lifestyles

FAP-E professionals strive to create command and community awareness of the unique challenges associated with living in Europe, provide information on existing services to eliminate child abuse and domestic violence, and to develop specific educational programs at no cost to active duty. Our services include seminars, workshops, and individualized intervention.

FAP-E is dedicated to helping Soldiers and Families address the unique challenges of military life, living overseas and understanding how unmanaged stress can lead to child abuse and domestic violence.  Services focus on prevention, education, prompt reporting, investigation, intervention, and treatment.  If you need help, please call your garrison’s Family Advocacy Program for more information.


The Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate (DAVA) provides comprehensive support services to adult victims of domestic abuse including: crisis intervention, safety planning, help obtaining medical treatment for injuries, information on legal rights and proceedings, referral to military and civilian shelters, and other resources.

DAVA’s provide information so clients can make informed choices in reporting an assault and how they choose to proceed.  DAVA’s are available to accompany adult clients to medical visits, court proceedings, and other appointments as requested. DAVA’s provide services 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.  Victims are not alone, help and support are available.


The New Parent Support Program is a voluntary program that assists military Families who are pregnant or have children birth through age three years understand the process of delivering a baby overseas and adapt to parenthood in healthy and resilient ways. 

The primary focus of NPSP is providing individualized home visitation services in the parent and child’s natural learning environment however services can occur in an office, hospital or community setting.  Classes and groups are available which provide information on pregnancy, nutrition, parenting newborns and toddlers, problem solving and coping, discipline issues, social isolation, and military stressors.  Services are available outside normal duties hours so working parents can participate.

Each NPSP Home Visitor has a Masters degree in Social Work or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and is Licensed to practice Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, or Nursing in a US state. 

For assistance or information on any of these Family Advocacy Program – Europe services, call your garrison Army Community Service (ACS) Family Advocacy Program. You can also call Military OneSource for more information and referrals.  Call collect with operator assistance OCONUS: 484-530-5908.

New Parent Suport Program at SHAPE: DSN 597-7355 or comm +32 (0)65-75-7355.