MISSION:Ready and Resilient (R2) provides the foundation for individuals to build and sustain personal readiness and resilience. R2 provides training and education resources to active duty, Reserve and National Guard Soldiers, as well as Family members and Department of the Army Civilians at 32 R2 Performance Centers Army-wide. Strengthening Soldiers and enhancing personal readiness offers the greatest opportunity to increase unit cohesion and achieve positive outcomes.

Course Descriptions: 

This course certifies Soldiers to serve as commanders’ advisors for Resilience training. Certified MRTs are the only personnel authorized to conduct formal Resilience training to members of the unit and family members. The MRT certification course is a 10 day, 80-hour course. The target audience is Soldiers in the grade of E-6 or above serving as unit’s MRT; E-5 may attend the course with exception to policy memo signed by the first O-5 in their chain of command; DA Civilians & Spouses.

The MRT Refresher Training is to enhance MRTs’ understanding of Resilience skills and the most current curriculum with an emphasis on practical application beyond the classroom and into Soldiers’ professional and personal lives. The target audience is any certified MRT with unit approval. This course is scheduled upon request from the unit or installation.

This course prepares certified MRTs to facilitate required Deployment Cycle Resilience Training modules designed to prepare Soldiers and family members for the unique demands of Army deployments and reintegrating into home and garrison environments once the deployment has been completed. The target audience is MRT Level 1 Certified Soldiers and DA Civilians who will be providing mandated Pre-Deployment and Post-Deployment Resilience Training.

The Executive Resilience and Performance Course trains Army Leaders and familiarizes them with the same Resilience and Performance Enhancement skills Master Resilience Trainers provide to Soldiers, Family members, and Army Civilians. The target audience is Brigade, Battalion, & Company Command Teams; GS12 and above supervisors.

Course ScheduleMaster Resilience Trainer (MRT) Level I Certification Course for 2023: 

March 13 - 24, May 15 - 26, July 10 -21

Deployment Cycle Resilience Training (DCRT) Course:


Master Resilience Trainer Refresher Course:


Performance Experts

The Ready & Resilient Performance Center (R2PC) is staffed with Performance Experts (PEs) who are equipped with the education and training background to help Soldiers, Families, and DA Civilians strengthen their mental toughness, mentally prepare for performances, enhance resilience, and build successful teams at various levels across the force. Each PE has a masters or doctorate degree in sport and performance psychology, or a related field, which is the study of psychological factors of performance (e.g., confidence, focus, managing emptions, and more). PEs are trained to help educate Soldiers on how to leverage the strongest muscle they have: their brain. Each PE has a wide range of professional experiences teaching Soldiers, athletes, and performance from a variety of other settings. While the physical, technical, and tactical components of performance are trained at the unit level, PEs help Soldiers identify how to deliberately train the mental factors contributing to performance for improved consistency and excellence when it matters most.


Performance Training

Performance Experts educate soldiers on specific mental skills (i.e. Deliberate Breathing, Goal Setting, Attention Control, Motivation, Imagery, etc.) in order to help them understand how to better optimize personal readiness and performance.

  • Optimize Unit METL
  • Unit Leader Development Training
  • Strategies to reduce performance obstacles


Academic Performance Training

Performance Experts provide soldiers with tools critical in the ability to learn and maximize the potential to reach academic goals. With deliberate practice of these techniques, soldiers can enhance their confidence levels, fine-tune the learning process, and improve study techniques.


Resilience Training

We certify and mentor MRTs in the delivery of resilience core competencies and skills from the fields of cognitive-behavioral, positive, and sport/performance psychology. Resilience builds capabilities in Soldiers to withstand, recover and grow in face of stressors and changing demands.

  • 4x MRT Level 1 Certification Courses in FY
  • Quality Assurance Support for local MRTs
  • DCRT and ERPC
  • MRT Refresher Training


Squad Leader Development Course

The purpose of the SLD-Cis to empower squad leaders to enhance mutual trust, build cohesion, and take ownership of critical issues facing today’s Army and their unit specifically.

  • 2.5 day training targeted at Squad Leaders


Leaders Development Course/Workshop

An LDC is designed to enhance the capability of Leaders to recognize the factors of optimal performance, understand performance psychology concepts and techniques, as well as recognize the situations when specific performance or positive psychology techniques would be useful.

  • Course/ workshop is designed to teach Leaders about mental skills that will improve human performance and how to integrate them into their teaching, coaching, and mentoring
  • This course/ workshop is tailored to the needs of the company/ unit
  • Leaders gain hands-on, interactive experience to enhance their abilities to coach, mentor, build trust, improve cohesion, and create a positive and productive culture


Great Teams Exercise

Participants from across the organization engage in a series of exercises and discussions aimed at solidifying or redefining specific components of the organization’s culture. By defining an intentional culture, the unit has a foundation upon which to build well-led cohesive teams and teams committed to the Army professional ethic.

  • Workshops provide a variety of exercises, discussions and training to equip organizations with the skills, cohesion, and culture necessary for high level unit performance.
  • Familiarize organizations with qualities of highly effective teams, doctrinal principles, and potential challenges.


Team Building

Team building is customized to unit needs and provides a variety of hands-on exercises, discussions, and training to equip unit teams with the skills, cohesion, and culture necessary for high level unit performance

  • Each engagement includes interactive exercises, discussions, debrief, and often tailored instructions.
  • Topics: Communication, Trust, Cohesion, etc.



Engage is training that discusses ways to intervene safely, early, and effectively when Soldiers see something happening that could potentially have adverse or drastic effects.

  • Engage builds on the education that Soldiers receive about how to recognize and respond to observed behavior or actions that are not consistent with Army standards or violate Army Values.
  • By routinely engaging, soldiers develop confidence for future crisis interventions


Soldier Recovery unit (SRU) R2 Training

SRU, formerly known as Goal-Setting Phase 2, provides soldiers with a blended Resilience and Performance skills training tailored for injury recovery and transitions in the Army.

  • The 12 hour training covers skills including Confidence, Imagery, Goal-Setting, Attention Control, Mindset etc.


Counseling Enhancement Workshop (CEW)

CEW enhances skills among those who provide counseling statements to improve relationships leaders have with their subordinates. This workshop provides leaders with a more deliberate approach to conducting counselings in order for everyone to get the most out of the time spent together.

  • This 2.5 day workshop allows leaders to learn and practice several Resilience skills specifically tailored towards challenging conversations with subordinates in the counseling process.