Planning a Visit to Picatinny

Visitors should read the following to be aware of important information pertaining to any visit to Picatinny Arsenal:

1. Picatinny is a military installation and a national security asset that employs various protective measures to ensure the safety and security of residents, employees and guests. Personnel at Picatinny routinely handle military hardware, including explosives. We ask your patience and understanding as it relates to the guidelines and procedures you may face during your visit.

2. All visitors, including those escorted by government or authorized contractor personnel (no foreign nationals) with valid Picatinny I.D., are required to process in through the Visitor Control Center located at the Main Gate. All Non-DoD affiliated personnel must fill out and sign a NCIC release form to have their criminal history checked. In order to be issued a pass, a visitor MUST have some form of valid government issued photo ID that meets the Homeland Security "REAL ID ACT", i.e. Driver's License, Passport, etc. This policy includes all vehicle passengers.

3. Individuals operating vehicles must provide proof of license, registration and insurance. All vehicles entering the gate are subject to a full search for prohibited items and contraband. Prohibited items include: weapons, ammunition and drugs. Photographic equipment and recording devices for official use will required a camera pass issued by the Chief of Police, Chief, Physical Security or escorted by PAO. Prohibited items will be confiscated and violators cited by the Picatinny Police.

4. If you are visiting from out of state, you must be in compliance with New Jersey gun laws. Picatinny police will apply New Jersey gun laws as they relate to carry/concealed carry and gun permits.

5. All delivery vehicles must process in through the Truck Gate and are subject to the same requirements listed above prior to receiving their visitor pass.

Information for Sponsors of Visitors

If you as a resident or employee of Picatinny Arsenal are sponsoring a visitor who does not already have a valid DoD identification, then you are required to complete a Visitor Registration Form in Visitor Net, which can be found in the Travel section of the Picatinny Intranet by following the link to "Visitor Control."

*IMPORTANT* If you do not have access to the Picatinny Intranet or if you are making the request after duty hours (M-F, 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.), call 973-724-4579.

We suggest that you e-mail visitors the form or direct them to this website so they can download the NCIC release form, fill it out and take it to the Visitor Center on the day of their visit.

Please remind your contact to bring a valid driver’s license, registration and insurance information and/or rental agreement the day of the visit. If the visitor is authorized to drive on post, you will need to provide the make, model and license plate number of the visitor’s vehicle via Visitor Net.

The sponsor is responsible for the conduct and accountability of their guests throughout the duration of the visit. Duration of passes should only be granted for the period of time necessary for the purpose of the visit. All Foreign National visitors (Official or Unofficial) must meet additional visitor requirements and be escorted at all times by a U.S. government employee.

Information for non-DoD affiliated Picatinny Visitors

If you have:

a. Made arrangement for a visit in coordination with your sponsor

b. Are not already a valid ID holder and/or affiliated with the DoD

Go ahead and download the NCIC release form, fill it out and take it to the Visitor Center the day of your visit.

We want your visit to be productive and pleasant. Please bring any problems, questions, or concerns to our attention. Questions or comments may be directed to Director of Emergency Services, (973)724-6964.

Please enjoy your visit to Picatinny!