Roles and Responsibilities of Japanese Security Guards (JSG)

  • Conduct base safety and security.
  • Ensure that Access Control Points are secure during non-operating hours.
  • Protect DLA sites.
  • Permit and prohibit entry, conduct vehicle inspections and compulsory checks.

Torii Station JSG Guard Supervisors

Guard Chief
DSN: 315-652-5377

Deputy Guard Chief
DSN: 315-652-4696

Section Chief
DSN: 315-652-4992

Naha Military Port JSG Supervisor

Section Chief
DSN: 315-652-7744

Kuwae 1 JSG Supervisor

DSN: 315-645-9294

Kuwae 2 JSG Supervisor

DSN: 315-634-4417

Chimuwan JSG Supervisor

Chimuwan 1

DSN: 315-622-9006

Chimuwan 2

DSN: 315-622-9007

Chimuwan 3

DSN: 315-622-6120

White Beach JSG Supervisor

DSN: 315-622-1410


**Note that Chimuwan Supervisors fall under White Beach and Tengan Booster.

**Torii Supervisors fall under Kuwae.