Please support Fort Knox’s efforts to recycle!

**Please do not park in front of QRP blue dumpsters**
Breakdown all cardboard and place in designated cardboard containers.

Packing paper can be placed in cardboard dumpsters.
Do not place trash in blue recycle containers.
Ensure dumpster lids remain closed.
Report Broken Recycle Dumpsters to (502) 624-5026.

Services offered:
We Shred CUI documents, CDs, and technical manuals. 
We lend secure CUI carts (as needed).
We provide recycling dumpsters as needed.
We provide metal roll off containers as needed.
We offer Certified Scale services for PPM moves.
We provide recycle awareness training.
We assist with establishing a unit recycling program.

Fort Knox Recycle Paper Sorting Procedures:

No carbon paper, large metal pieces, hanging file folders or lamination.
When bringing paper for shred please separate your paper types into two separate containers.
# 1: High grade (quality) office paper products to include white paper
#2: Envelopes, manila folders, mixed paper, newspaper inserts, telephone books, magazines, newspaper, and mixed paper
All other items brought will need to be placed into separate bins upon drop off.


Food Grade Glass (clean and free of residue)
#1 & #2 Plastics (rinsed)

#2, #4, & #5 Plastic lids for the Buddy Bench program (inside building 2962 of the recycling center or any of the other specially marked collection bins inside buildings on post)
Used pure motor oil and Antifreeze- (turn in to Hazwaste collection area)
Used Cooking oil/ grease.
Scrap metals and scrap items made of 50% or more metal.
Wooden pallets (including Blue Chep)
Lead Acid Batteries accepted, but please tape the terminals.
Aluminum & Steel cans
Toner cartridges
55 Empty gallon drums (metal)


Large non-recyclable items (TVs, mattresses, couches, wooden furniture, etc.) are not accepted at the recycle center. If you are a resident this must be handled through a bulk pick up though Knox Hills housing by calling your community center and setting up a date with them.

Ceramic/porcelain, styrofoam, yard and food waste, hazardous materials, fuel, precious metals, leaded glass and mirrors, government-issued materials, materials with less than 75% metal, ammunition, scrap construction, lumber/laminated or treated wood of any type, medical and bio waste, DEMIL items, textiles, government-purchased electronic, components, lithium batteries, ni-cad batteries, alkaline batteries, and fluorescent bulbs.

PPM Scaling Services

Cost: $10 per certified weight. CASH ONLY

No appointment needed but scales close at 3:30 p.m. sharp so arrive in time to weight prior to facility closing.