The DPW Environmental Management Division (EMD) promotes environmental stewardship within the JBM-HH community by ensuring that sustainable methods and business practices are considered in daily decision-making. Our overall objective is to manage, reduce and eliminate environmental risks to the installation and to the environment. The environmental program has been implemented and is validated by the Army’s four environmental pillars of compliance, restoration, pollution prevention and conservation; as such, EMD commits to complying with applicable federal, state, Department of Defense, Army and local environmental policy; conserving the distinctive cultural resources present on the installation; cleaning up environmental damage; and taking advantage of pollution prevention opportunities.

EMD staff administers the following major program areas: Air Quality, Storm Water Management, Recycling Coordination, Hazardous/ Nonhazardous Waste Disposal, Above and Underground Storage Tanks (AST/UST), Cultural Resources, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Pest Management Coordination, Sustainability and the Environmental Management System (EMS).