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Spiritually Leading Within The Army

The Fort Irwin Unit Ministry Team is organized to provide the most responsive religious support and ministry of presence at the unit level across the full spectrum of Army operations. The Unit Ministry Team consists of:  U.S. Army Chaplains and Religious Affairs Specialists and NCOs; civilian employees and contractors; and a vast array of carefully screened and selected chapel volunteers. Together, they provide a comprehensive and resilient spiritual support system for Soldiers, Families, and many others who choose a chapel as their place of worship.

Fort Irwin Religious Support Office Mission

The Fort Irwin Religious Support Office integrates and delivers religious support and advice to enable readiness, specifically spiritual readiness, for a globally responsive Army.

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 NTC and Fort Irwin Unit Ministry Teams

 Religious Services

 Religious Studies, Bible Studies, Programs (PWOC, CWOC, etc) and Events

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How to become a chaplain

The Army Chaplain Corps - A sacred calling to serve God and Country.  Live out your CALLING as an Army Chaplain and make a difference in the world. 

Do you have a call to be an Army Chaplain.  If you would like to know more I encourage you to speak to a Chaplain or click on the picture to learn more.


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