The DA Boards/Promotion Section provides customer service to Officers & Enlisted Soldiers for Non-PSDR units in Hawaii and remote sites.  Customer service includes, in/out-processing Soldiers for Non-PSDR units and maintenance of Service members OMPF (Official Military Personnel File). 

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What is a Personnel Records Review?

Personnel Record Review is to ensure that data on the Record Brief is correct and that all source documents required for filing in the Army Military Human Resource Record (AMHRR) are in iPERMS - (CAC required)

Records Review Requirements:

  • For your "How to Guide" click "HERE"
  • For Key Supporting Document (KSD) click "HERE"
  • Soldier’s current Record Brief
  • The Soldier’s latest end of month LES, Unit CommandersFinance Report, or Unit Commanders Pay Management Report

Methodsof Executing the Review

There are three methods of executing the review:

1. Soldier Present (Joint) –Soldier and Record Manager at same workstation (dual CAC readers –most preferred)

2. Independent–Soldier and Record Manager at different workstations (acceptable, but not most preferred)

3. Soldier Unavailable –No Soldier involvement due to extenuating circumstances, such as confinement, hospitalization, AWOL. (least preferred)

How can I access my military documents on iPERMS?

Soldiers can view their Army Military Human Resource Record(AHMRR) by signing in via iPERMS.

For questions related to iPERMS please go to: Access

General military HR inquiries and Veteran issues can be emailed to Ask HRC @:

Where do I go for Promotion Board shedule and list?

PPS handles Centralized and Semi-Centralized promotions forall NON-PSDR Units.

For the HRC fiscal year board schedule click the following link: Boards

For Enlisted Promotions:

*CAC Enabled - "Click Here"

For Officer and Warrant Officer Selections and Promotions:

*CAC Enabled - "Click Here"

Where do I go for Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance Online Enrollment System (SOES)

SOES is the Service members Group Life Insurance (SGLI)On-Line Enrollment System. SOES is an enterprise system for the UniformedServices and provides an authoritative source for SGLI and FSGLI information.

Service members can make changes to their SGLIcoverage. For example, a Service membercan decline SGLI coverage, select a lesser amount than maximum coverage,designate beneficiaries, and/or make other changes.

It replaces the paper-based SGLI/FSGLI enrollment and provides 24/7 self-service access to Service members.

"Step by Step" instructions online Video

For additional information please visit: