Summer Transportation Timeline

During the summer surge PCS season, the Out-Processing Center maintains an estimated timeline of how long different movements are taking to get scheduled. The info below is intended to help Soldiers and their families plan for their PCS. The info is updated weekly.

Hawaii Transportation-PPPO Personal Property Preparing Office: Most movements now at 4.5 weeks, but anticipated to increase into May, through the end of July!

  • Household Goods/Unaccompanied Baggage (All outbound shipments) – 4.5 weeks lead time for pick-up
    • NEXT AVAIL P/U DATE = June 10 (as of May 9)
  • Non-temporary Storage, Long-term Storage (DPM I) - Specific closed-out dates, closes super-fast!
    • Closed-Out Dates (as of May 5):
      • May 6, 13-23, 25-30
      • June 2, 7-8, 10, 20 
      • July 29
  • To/From special locations -  4.5 weeks backlog for pick-up
    • NEXT AVAIL P/U DATE = June 10 (as of May 9)
  • Deployment/Local Storage (Long Term) -  2.5 weeks backlog for pick-up
    • NEXT AVAIL P/U DATE = May 26 (as of May 9)
  • To/From Kauai island -  5 to 8 weeks backlog for pick-up
    • NEXT AVAIL P/U DATE = June 17 or later (as of May 9)
  • BOAT/WATERCRAFT shipment of 14ft or more -  4.5 weeks for pick-up
    • NEXT AVAIL P/U DATE = June 10 (as of May 9)

Note: Members who obtain short-fuse orders with short departing/reporting dates, who require short notice pickups and elect to conduct a Personally Procured Move (PPM) -  please be aware in order to obtain an Actual Cost Reimbursement (ACR); JPPSO-PH MUST be afforded the opportunity to book/attempt to book, the shipment. This action begins by visiting a PPPO/Counseling office, and if not the member will only receive reimbursement at the Government Constructed Cost (GCC), which is normally less than an ACR.

Service members – there are extended transit times of HHGs because of the back-log of numerous ports.

The installation out-processing clearance process begins upon receipt of orders for permanent change of station, or PCS, or retirement/separation from the U.S. Army.

To receive installation/unit clearing papers (DA Form 137-1/137-2), please view the presentations linked below and follow the instructions.

Request Clearing Papers

Clearing papers are issued:

  • 14 days prior to AVAL/Report Date
  • 40 days from DEROS for International Travel

In order to receive clearing papers, we will need a copy of the following documents:

  1. Orders
  2. ETP if needed for the installation you are going to (see COVID microsite and FAQs - Official Travel section for more information)
  3. Approved DA Form 31 filled-out in accordance with AR 600-8-10 Chapter 4-7 Leave in Conjunction with Permanent Change of Station sub-section B. The DA31 must cover from date of departure from losing unit to reporting date on orders, even if early report is authorized. The TO date on the DA31 must be the same day as the reporting date in the PCS orders. Permission to report early does not change the reporting date.

*If you are ETSing then we will only need a copy of your orders.

Once complete, send an encrypted email from your work account to USARMY.SCHOFIELD.ID-PACIFIC.MBX.OUT-PROCESSING-HI@MAIL.MIL with the subject line of "Clearing Papers."

Booking Official Travel

Child, Youth & School Services

Child enrolled in Child & Youth Services (child development, school age or youth centers) Yes
Child attending public school (K-12) Yes
Child attending private school (K-12) No
Child is home schooled No, but parents must call school where Form #4140 was completed to inform them that the student is moving and should be removed from their home school roster


In order to attend the brief, Soldiers must have at a minimum their separation orders in hand.

Contact Us

  • Soldier Support Center
    Bldg. 750, Room 103
    673 Ayres Ave.
    Schofield Barracks
  • (808) 655-0094


Once orders are received, ALL customers should use the Defense Personal Property System at to begin to schedule their move. Then, you should immediately contact the local Personal Property Preparing Office by emailing a full set of orders and any amendments to No appointment is needed for questions, travel slips or travel slip changes.

For those who cannot access on a work or home computer, you may want to see if the Library, Education Center, or Soldier For Life program can provide assistance with computer access.

The Schofield Barracks Transportation - Personal Property Processing Office is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:30 a.m.-3 p.m.. Every other Friday, they close at 2 p.m. They are closed on all federal holidays. Their phone number is (808) 655-1868.


Below are Tricare-related briefings for service members who are PCSing or separating from the Army. Additional briefings are available online at