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CSM Barreras ACP Closing; Constitution ACP Opening

CSM Barreras ACP Closing; Constitution ACP Opening

CSM Barreras Access Control Point is closing at 9 p.m., Sept. 28 and will remain closed while Texas Department of Transportation and Fort Bliss’ Directorate of Public Works conduct construction projects in that area. Upon completion of these projects, the ACP will re-open. During the closure, Constitution ACP will open 24/7 until the TXDOT/DPW projects are completed.

ID Cards/DEERS Office MOVE
September 12

Make a note!

starting Thursday (Sept. 12).The ID Cards/DEERS office will continue to serve personnel with appointments and valid emergencies during this move.

Traffic Lights Advisory

Bliss traffic lights advisory ... new intersections affected

Traffic lights on Haan Road at the intersections of Haan/JEB Stuart, Haan/Chaffee, and Haan/Carrington continue to flash amber for the east and westbound directions on Haan and flash red for the north and southbound directions on the intersecting streets.

In addition, traffic lights at Cassidy/Chaffee and Cassidy/Carrington will flash red in all directions beginning today (Aug. 13).


The flashing hours are from 6 p.m. to 5 a.m. seven days a week.

Officials ask that drivers use caution at each of the noted locations.

Reminder: Drivers approaching a flashing red light should come to a complete stop before continuing through the intersection. Drivers approaching a flashing yellow light should proceed with caution through the intersection.

Fort Bliss Housing Hotline,
(915) 744-8903

Fort Bliss housing residents' with issues/concerns should contact the Fort Bliss Housing Hotline at (915) 744-8903.

US62/180 (Montana Ave) Widening Phase 1 Project

The US 62/180 (Montana Avenue) widening project is a part of a larger Fort Bliss program to improve the network of roadways around and through the southeastern vicinity of U.S. Army Fort Bliss.

This project is phase one of the proposed improvements of the overall Montana Schematic. The project is 4.9 miles and requires 200 ft. of additional right of way to accommodate the improvements. The construction start date began March 18 and the duration of the project will be 2.5 years for its completion.

The project begins at Global Reach Drive and ends at Tierra Este Road.

The project includes the following:

• Construct 6 lane freeway from Lee Trevino Drive to Tierra Este Road
• Construct 3 lane northbound and southbound frontage road from George Dieter Drive to Tierra Este Road
• Construct new interchanges at Global Reach Drive, Lee Trevino Drive, George Dieter Drive, Wooster Lane, Saul Kleinfeld Drive, and State Loop 375
• Construct overpass bridges at Lee Trevino Drive, George Dieter Drive, and Wooster Lane
• Construct underpass structures at Saul Kleinfeld Drive and State Loop 375
• Construct Hike & Bike lane north of the westbound frontage road from Global Reach Drive to State Loop 375

The overall project has four phases and construction will not impede traffic through the majority of it.

The first phase requires approximately 10 months and focuses on construction of the westbound frontage roads. This construction will have no impact to the traveling public since that part of the project is located outside the existing lanes of traffic.

Upon completion of the westbound frontage road, plans include diverting westbound traffic to the new lanes then beginning construction on the main lanes. Plans also include constructing all intersections in quadrants to allow traffic to pass through at all times.


Who We Are

Fort Bliss is:

  • The place you want to be for world-class training and quality of life facilities;

  • The Army’s Premier Power Projection Platform for Overseas Contingency Operations;

  • Strategically located at the midpoint between the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean;

  • A Leader in Innovation: Committed to energy conservation and renewable energy employment

  • Sharing a unique partnership with El Paso and the Entire Region