Coordinate and synchronize day to day and future operations for the garrison while maintaining situational awareness across the entire installation and area of responsibility. Provides technical expertise and leadership to ensure quality, timely and accurate collection and reporting to higher, adjacent and subordinate headquarters using classified and unclassified systems. Receive, analyze, recommend and disseminate timely and appropriate resources to internal and external requests for manpower, equipment and or services. The IOC ensures the installation maintains 24/7 capability as required for situational awareness (SA) and Common Operating Picture (COP) of critical information and events, allowing the Garrison and Senior Commander the ability to make informed and timely decisions.

The Installation Operations Center hours of operations are Monday – Friday, 0730 – 1630 with a on-call staff member available 24/7. Facility Reservations will be maintained at the DPTMS for Cochise Theater, Brown Parade Field and Chaffee Parade Field.

The Emergency Operations Center will be activated as needed to ensure the Garrison and Senior Commander can make informed and timely decisions. With the capability to expand operations as required to execute Antiterrorism / Force Protection and All Hazards Response Plan Contingency Operations (real world or exercise) and ARFORGEN.

Core Competencies
  • Installation tasking authority, serves as a functional integrator and synchronizer throughout Fort Huachuca
  • Maintains a common operating picture
  • Conducts mission analysis of OPORDs and Directives from Higher Headquarters
  • Maintains the Fort Huachuca Installation Operations Center (IOC) and Emergency Operation Center (EOC)
  • Provides Mission Command for Emergency Management response and consequence management operations
  • Coordinates and publishes USAG OPORDs and Directives

Reservations are on a first come first served basis. Contact the IOC at 533-2291, during duty hours.

  • Brown Parade Field and Gazebo
  • Chaffee Parade Field
  • Cochise Theater
  • Unclassified VTC
  • DPTMS Classroom
  • IOC Conference Room


Operations Branch Telephone Listing
Position   Telephone
Chief Operations   (520)-533-2293
OPSEC   (520)-533-2294
IOC   (520)-533-2291