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Are you retired, or thinking of retiring? Military retirees, veterans, and their survivors are an important part of the Army family and the USAG Ansbach community. USAG Ansbach provides many services to local retirees, their families, and surviving spouses. The community contacts shown below and links provided on the right side of this webpage offer information and assistance to service members and their survivors before and after entering retirement.

Before you retire, visit the Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program office at Katterbach Kaserne. The SFL-TAP (formerly known as the Army Career & Alumni Program, ACAP) was created to help military members be successful in their transition to the civilian sector. SFL-TAP delivers transition assistance and support to ensure all eligible transitioners have the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to be competitive and successful in the global workforce and achieve their post military service goals. SFL-TAP also encourages transitioning military members to make informed decisions through benefits counseling and employment assistance to ensure a successful transition from active duty.

Located on Katterbach Kaserne, Bldg. 5818
Telephone CIV. 09802-83-3312  /  DSN: 467-3312
USAG Ansbach Soldier for Life representative
Visit their website at: Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program

The SFL-TAP process works best when initiated early. A goal of the Soldier Life Cycle concept is to shift thinking about transition. Currently, transition is thought of as an event that occurs at the end of one’s military career. However the process of planning and preparing throughout a Soldier’s Life Cycle ensures Soldiers are better prepared to achieve their post-military goals. Soldiers are encouraged to utilize SFL-TAP throughout their careers, and to “come early, and come often.” Read the SFL-TAP flyer here: Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program

The Retiree Council can provide information, assistance and counseling to active duty service members, retirees, family members, widows/widowers, and survivors from all branches of military service. Contact your Local Retiree Council through your local Retirement Services Officer. The council also assists the USAG Ansbach commander in identifying and resolving the problems and needs of retirees, recommends actions to the commander, and provides feedback on policies and activities affecting retirees in the community.

Another way to stay in touch with the military and fellow retirees is a Veterans Association such as the American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars.VFW POST 9342, ANSBACHVFW POST 10708, ILLESHEIM