The Directorate of Public Works at U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach provides exceptional infrastructure, engineering resources, housing and facility management support and services incorporating sustainable development. The DPW team seeks to ensure the longterm viability of USAG Ansbach's support to the military and community, advancing environmental stewardship, community relations, and quality of life. As a team that is proactive, highly motivated and trained, DPW delivers services efficiently, ethically, and with pride in ownership.


Enhance the readiness of the U.S. Armed Forces by:

  1. Providing quality, responsive support to the community for facilities, utilities and natural resources.
  2. Providing a responsive feedback system to the customers concerning requested support.
  3. Reviewing and technically approving all projects to ensure engineering adequacy and compliance with the USAG Ansbach Facility Plan, the Installation Design Guide (IDG), current Department of Army construction criteria and the IMCOM-Europe Guidelines for Offices.
  4. Managing the Environmental Program to ensure compliance with the Environmental Quality Control Committee (EQCC), U.S. and host nation statutes and regulations.
  5. Managing community construction, maintenance and repair programs.
  6. Encouraging customer participation in the self-help program.
  7. Managing Family Housing and Barracks.


Environmental Management Divison

The Ansbach Environmental Management Division is an integral part of the USAG Ansbach Department of Public Works (DPW).

Important information about the Visitor Control Center (VCC), proper identification needed and operating hours of the gates.
The Housing Division of the Directorate of Public Works provides homes to Soldiers, U.S. civilians, and family members living on and off post.
Recycling doesn't just make good sense; in Germany, it's the law.
Recycling doesn't just make good sense; in Germany, it's the law.