The Directorate of Human Resources provides many services to improve the quality of life of Soldiers, family members, civilian employees, veterans and retirees. Services that fall under the directorate's purview include:

  • On-post Postal Services
  • Casualty and Mortuary Affairs
  • Defense Enrollment Eligibility Report System (DEERS) enrollment and ID Card section
  • Military Personnel Division
  • Civilian Personnel Services
  • Administrative Services Division
  • Passport / Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) Office
  • Ration Card section
  • In-processing
  • Transition, and Separation, Retirement section
  • Army Continuing Education System
  • Army Substance Abuse Program
  • Workforce Development Program

For individual offices and services of the directorate, visit the links below.

The ID Card Section at the Central Processing Facility at Katterbach Kaserne, part of the Directorate of Human Resources, helps newcomers gain their Common Access Card identifications (CAC).
This page contains all current garrison policy letters.
Military retirees, veterans, and their survivors are an important part of the Army family and the USAG Ansbach community. USAG Ansbach provides many services to local retirees, their families and surviving spouses.
Transition Assistance Program's mission is to provide pre-separation counseling, transition and employment assistance services to Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve Soldiers and Airmen, Department of Defense civilians who are considering or preparing to depart the military and all work age family members of each of the above groups.
The Total Army Sponsorship Program provides trained and available sponsors with the information and referral resources needed during times of transition. Sponsorship supports readiness by mitigating stress while enhancing unit cohesion, resilience and esprit de corps.
The Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) is dedicated to preserving the fighting strength through alcohol and drug prevention efforts. Changing perceptions about binge drinking, illicit drug use, and abuse of prescription drugs is paramount in this effort.
The mission of Casualty and Mortuary Affairs, Directorate of Human Resources, is to assist and support families in an emotionally stressful time of bereavement, as well as provide training and resources to all Soldiers serving in a casualty notification or assistance capacity and to those dedicated professionals assisting family members in their greatest time of need.
There are two USPS offices in USAG Ansbach, one at Katterbach Kaserne and one at Storck Barracks. At Katterbach Kaserne the Community Mail Room (CMR) and USPS Offices are separate. The CMR and USPS Office at Storck Barracks are combined and considered a Postal Service Center (PSC). There are no USPS Offices at Shipton Kaserne or Barton Barracks, only mail rooms.