ATRRS Course: 9E-F58/920-F50                     School: 807

Course Length: 6 Weeks 2.0 Days


Class Maximum: 50     Class Optimum: 50     Class Minimum: 30 

If Students require HAZMAT OPS enroll in course number 9E-F99/920-F969MC0, CRE Responder Basic               


Scope: Training in this course includes all specific competencies outlined in NFPA 1006, Standard for Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications Level I and II in Rope, Confined Space, Trench, Structural Collapse, Vehicle and Machinery Rescue.

Students will be given a written/Blackboard test after each Level 1 block of instruction and after each Level 2 block of instruction.

Students will conduct hands on testing after each Level 1 block of instruction and after each Level 2 block of instruction, to test their skills on the application of each rescue.

Students will conduct the following Rescues:

1.      Common Core: packaging patients, search techniques, knots, rigging principles. 40 hours. 


2.      Rope Rescue: rappels, raising and lowering victims 60 feet in the air, and conducting a high line rescue. 60 hours. 


3.      Confined Space Rescue: putting on Supplied Air Respirators (SAR/SCBA) and being lowered into a confined space to package and remove a victim. 40 hours. 


4.      Trench Rescue: shoring up a trench walls to remove a victim that is trapped 8 feet below ground. Making an A-Frame out of rescue ladders to use as a high point anchor. 50 hours.  


5.      Structural Collapse: breaching and breaking concrete, torch cutting operations, shoring operations and lifting and moving two tons of concrete with hand tools. 90 hours. 


6.      Vehicle Rescue: using cutters and spreaders (Jaws-of-Life) to remove doors and roofs, stabilizing vehicles and buses to prevent any movement, and packing patients trapped under vehicles, inside buses and other vehicle types. 50 hours.  

7.      Machinery Rescue: Disentangle victims caught in fans, hoppers, lathes, farm machinery. The stabilization and the lock-out-tag-out of these pieces of machinery. 20 hours.

Students who successfully complete this training will receive a 13 DOD certifications from International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) and the National Professional Qualifications Board (Pro-Board) and entered into the DOD Fire and Emergency Services Certification Program System.

Students will also receive a Basic Life Support (BLS) certification, DA Certification, and a Service School Academic Evaluation Report, DA Form 1059.