You are now a Soldier!

We are proud of your decision to serve your country. You are now a Soldier, part of the best organization in the world: the U.S. Army. You will depart the St. Louis International Airport by bus for a 2 to 3-hour ride to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. You will arrive at the 43d AG Battalion (Reception). The Battalion processes Initial Entry Training (IET) Soldiers for assignment to units at Fort Leonard Wood for Basic and One Station Unit Training. The Battalion also processes Prior Service Soldiers for worldwide assignments. reception.jpg

Once you arrive at Fort Leonard Wood, a Drill Sergeant will greet you. You will be treated with professionalism, dignity and respect. What you may have seen in the movies, such as harassment and hazing of brand new arrivals, is NOT the way you will be treated. You, in turn, must respect your Army superiors and pay attention to them. They are here to help ease your transition into the Army.

The next few days will be busy! Your first night will include a short introduction, a chance to get rid of unauthorized items, and the opportunity to eat a light snack. You will then march to the barracks, where you will receive a bunk, a locker and an opportunity to get some rest. If you need a lock for your wall locker, you will be able to purchase one in the morning. Be prepared for an early morning wake up by your Drill Sergeant and Processing Sergeants.

Introduction to the 43rd AG Battalion

This is where you begin your transformation from civilian to Army Soldier. You'll live in Army barracks, eat in an award winning Army dining facility, and start learning the Army way.

Your stay at the Reception Battalion is normally a "brief" 3 and 1/2 days, but this crucial 84 hours creates the foundation for your future Army career. In Grant Hall (the 43d AG Reception Station), you will process through 18 different stations under the control of seasoned Reception NCOs and Drill Sergeants. During this time, the military records that will follow you throughout your Army career, including medical, financial and personnel records will be established.

It is important that you understand all documents that you sign and issues that you are briefed on during these few days. Read each document carefully and ask your interviewer any questions you might have. The Reception Battalion processing is a period of adjustment for new Soldiers. But as we like to say, "27,000 new Soldiers do this every year without a problem - so can you!" Time is often in short supply, and being at the right place at the right time is crucial, so listen to your training cadre. They will treat you with dignity and respect, but remember that it is a two way street! Above all maintain a positive attitude and before you know it you will be fully in-processed into the United States Army.

 Your reception battalion processing includes:

Smart Card issue
General orientation
Uniform issue and fitting
Personnel records processing
Identification (ID) card and PIN issue
Eye and dental check, hearing test
Immunizations (shots)
Initial Pay
Graduation Photo
Security Interviews
Medical Moment of Truth Briefing
Post Exchange to purchase missing required items