Welcome Letter:

Welcome to Fort Leonard Wood, home of the Maneuver Support Center, located in the center of the beautiful Ozark mountains. This is a very exciting time for us because we are the first installation to consolidate three schools: Military Police, Chemical and Engineer into one integrated school. If you are returning to Fort Leonard Wood after a stateside or overseas tour, you will be happy to find many pleasant changes and attractions. We have recently completed over $200 million in new construction to accommodate the Maneuver Support Center, e.g., an unaccompanied enlisted personnel housing for NCO Academy students; a Military Police village for realistic training; a chemical decontamination training facility, a consolidated instruction facility, and much more.

The Maneuver Support Center has a lot to offer you and your family, to include excellent schools, low crime rate, easy access to outdoor and recreational activities at Fort Leonard Wood and in nearby locations: Lake of the Ozarks, Branson, several caverns, shopping, opera, theater, live sports, etc.

Training on the installation includes interservice, officer basic and advanced courses, warrant officer courses, drill sergeant and NCO courses, basic training, and one-station unit and advanced individual training. We are also committed to support National Guard and Reserve soldiers with available courses as well as excellent training facilities.

Your assignment, dependent upon your specialty and grade, varies to 4 training brigades (3d Basic Training, 1st Engineer, 3d Chemical, and 14th Military Police) and the Garrison Command as well as several tenant organizations. For additional information, you may contact Fort Leonard Wood’s assignment managers: Officer/warrant-573-596-0770/0709; Enlisted: 573-596-0736; and civilian 573-596-0927.


About the program:

The US Army established the Total Army Sponsorship Program to assist soldiers, civilian employees, and family members during the relocation process. Program participants are provided with accurate, timely information and other support needed to minimize problems associated with relocating to a new duty station.

The program is available to the active Army, the Army National Guard, the United States Army Reserve, and to civilian employees whose assignment to a position within the Department of the Army requires a permanent change of station (PCS).

The Fort Leonard Wood Sponsorship Program requires every soldier, Private (E1) through Colonel (06), receiving an assignment to Fort Leonard Wood, be given the opportunity to have a sponsor. The program also requires every effort be made to provide a pinpoint assignment and advance sponsor for all soldiers in grades PV1 through SPC. A reactionary sponsor will be provided for soldiers if a pinpoint arrival sponsor has not been provided. Each soldier will receive a welcome letter, which will indicate projected unit of assignment.

Private (E1) through Colonel (06), digitally fill out section 1, 2, 4 & 5 of DA form 5434 at your BN S-1. No DA Form 5434 hard or scan copies will be accepted! Your BN S-1 duty is to email it to your gaining command and CC: the FT. Wood Leonard Sponsorship inbox to track. Pending on your report date will affect how soon the gaining installation will respond back with a sponsor. Per AR 600-8-8 the gaining Installation has ten wk. days to respond back; any issues contact your S-1, 1st SGT or CDR. If the gaining Installation fails to respond to the soldier’s chain of command, the LDRs will contact the sponsorship office, 573-596-0133/573-596-8127 Room 2117 Bldg 470.

The Fort Leonard Wood Sponsorship Program works closely with the Army Community Service (ACS) agency, and relies on the local ACS center to provide relocating personnel with counseling, welcome packets, and pre-move destination information.