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Army Chemical Review 2024 Table of Contents:

Chief of Chemical and Commandant, U.S. Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear School

Regimental Command Sergeant Major

Regimental Chief Warrant Officer

U.S. Army CBRN Capability Development Update 

By Colonel Scott D. Kimmell (Retired)
The U.S. Army Chemical Regiment continues to leverage various technologies to deliver required CBRN capabilities to warfighters across the core functions of assess, protect, and mitigate.

CBRN From a Global Perspective 

By Major Eric Hurtado
The author shares insights from his participation in CBRN operations with multinational partners.

The Dragon Cave: A Central Repository for Dynamic CBRN Planning

By Sergeant First Class Jesus Ambrocio
Given the dynamic nature of real-world multidomain operations, the Chemical Corps should take the lead in developing a data-centric, decentralized, and doctrinally sound CBRN mission planning hub that would enable a flexible, continuous, iterative process to support CBRN missions.

Genetic Frontiers: Unraveling the Impact and Anticipating Future Challenges of SYNBIO 

By Dr. Julie A. Preston, Captain Mithun P. Sheth, and Staff Sergeant Jonathan S. Sayles
Although recent advances in synthetic biology have proven beneficial, genetic engineering can intentionally or unintentionally create national security risks for which CBRN Soldiers must be prepared.

Experiences of Lieutenants in Korea

By Second Lieutenant Max Z. Liang, First Lieutenant Jordan D. Ashley, First Lieutenant Dymon D. Brown, and First Lieutenant Alyssa D. Powell
Four lieutenants from the 501st CBRNE Company describe their critical first assignments in the Republic of Korea.

Away From the Flagpole 

By Captain Seth A. Banano
CBRN Soldiers who are assigned to units without a strong CBRN presence must have a means of expanding their CBRN knowledge and capacity and effectively immersing themselves into today’s Army.

Operationalizing CBRN Core Functions 

By Major Derek E. Taylor
This article summarizes the operations process, describes the role of CBRN staff officers and the integration of CBRN core functions into that process, and highlights critical CBRN staff contributions during mission planning.

Beyond the Bricks: Names and Stories Behind the Engravings 

By Ms. Christy L. Lindberg
This article relays the names and stories of some of the fallen CBRN Soldiers from each major U.S. conflict involving the Chemical Warfare Service and Chemical Corps.