Emergency Management Office

Located north of New York City in the Hudson Valley, West Point is exposed to natural hazards such as storms, flooding, wildfires, and earthquakes; technological hazards such as hazardous material spills, power failures, and transportation accidents; and human-caused threats that include criminal and terrorist acts.


As part of a comprehensive protection program, the West Point Emergency Manager is tasked to provide expertise, leadership and oversight directed toward preparing and protecting personnel, property, the environment, operations, and image of West Point and the United States Army from risks through effective planning, preparation, response and recovery activities.  To accomplish this mission, the office is responsible for:

Core Competencies

  • Conducting a comprehensive threat and hazard identification and risk assessment annually;
  • Developing, coordinating and maintaining a comprehensive emergency management plan;
  • Alerting and informing the community to enhance response and recovery actions;
  • Activating and staffing an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to support response and recovery efforts;
  • Preparing for emergencies through the development and delivery of effective education and training experiences.

Emergency Warning and Notification on WEST POINT

West Point relies on an effective and reliable mass warning and notification system (MWNS) to alert and inform the West Point community of emergency conditions. These means include:

  • Hotline: (845) 938-7000

  • Desktop Alert

  • Giant Voice

  • Social media: West Point Garrison Community Facebook page; Twitter

  • Public Affairs Office Press Releases


Ready West Point

Ready Army

Department of Homeland Security, Ready.gov

Orange County Emergency Services, Division of Emergency Management

New York State Homeland Security and Emergency Services, Office of Emergency Management