"Serving Those Who Defend Our Way of Life"


      To provide policies, procedures, information, and guidance concerning the use of training resources within the Training Support Center (TSC).



To support Fort Sam Houston and AR 350-52 Army Support system (area of responsibility) in the training, development, sustainment, and regeneration of units for combat. Perform management of Training Aids, Devices, Simulations, and Simulators (TADSS). Develop and maintain a customer- oriented culture, set expectations of quality, provide a motivating climate, help solve problems, remove obstacles, and deliver high-quality performance.


DA Form 1687
(Notice of Delegation of Authority)

TADSS Request
(Training Aids, Devices,
Simulators, and Simulation)

GTA Request (Graphic Training Aid)

Unit Information Sheet

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TADSS Catalog

Training Support Center
Standard Operating Procedure

Graphic Training Aid (GTA) List


Engagement Skills Trainer (EST II)

Army Training Network

Certification Training Overview 

TSS Enterprise TADSS Index and Catalog