The Plans Office is the Army Support Activity (ASA) Manager's advisor and focal point for strategy execution, situational awareness and operational and management performance for the organization.  The office plays an important role on mission, mission focus, continuous process improvement, and ensuring the ASA associates perform every task and function to a purpose related to mission accomplishment.  The Plans Office oversees and integrates action plans across the ASA enterprise into one dynamic, robust strategic action plan while integrating sustainability throughout the installation.  The programs that the Plans Office is responsible for promote strategic execution, operational awareness and continuous process improvement to ensure the services we provide exceed our customers' expectations on and off the installation.


Strategic Management System

The Army currently uses the SMS as its platform to capture, align to strategy, and report performance results driven by the Army Campaign Plan. Similarly, SMS has been selected as the results reporting solution for the Installation Management Campaign Plan. SMS is a knowledge management tool which aligns strategic focus across Regions and Garrisons. It is a web-enabled, data-driven, performance reporting application which is capable of capturing data from various existing sources, thus avoiding duplicate data entry. It provides a flexible, multi-tiered, enterprise wide view of performance to enable informed decisions at executive and tactical levels.


To access SMS, click on the icon below (CAC Requird)



Installation Management Campiagn Plan (IMCP)

The IMCP provides direction for planning, preparation, and execution of the full range of tasks necessary to address the Installation Management Command (IMCOM) Services and Infrastructure Core Enterprise (SICE). The IMCP strategic direction provides the foundation and road map for each Soldier, Family and Civilian to understand their role in supporting the warrior now and in the future. The IMCOM Campaign Plan is comprised of six Lines of Effort (LOEs) which serve to unify the efforts to develop missions and tasks and to allocate resources. The LOEs also balance the needs of our warfighting mission with the needs of our people.




LOE #1: Soldier, Family, and Civilian, Readiness
LOE #2: Soldier, Family, and Civilian Well-Being
LOE #3: Leader and Workforce Development
LOE #4: Installation Readiness
LOE #5: Safety
LOE #6: Energy Efficiency and Water Security

Installation Status Report - Services (ISR-S)

The ISR-S determines the quality and reports the cost of installation support functions. Performance and cost data from ISR-S are the basis upon which the Army develops Base Operations Support (BOS) funding requirements during the Program Objective Memorandum (POM) process. In addition, the ISR-S data is used to build BOS baseline requirements through the BOS Requirements Model (BRM). The ISR-S directly affects the accuracy of BRM; quality input is essential to achieving accurate BRM requirements.



Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)

ICE is a Department of Defense (DoD) managed, web-based tool that collects customer feedback on services provided by various organizations. ICE is designed to improve customer service by allowing Service Provider Managers (SPMs) to monitor the satisfaction levels of their services and to respond directly to customer concerns. The system automatically calculates the customer satisfaction rating each week and reports trend data. ICE provides the following benfits:

Allows customers to quickly and easily provide feedback to
SPMs and, if requested, receive a response

Gives leadership timely data on service quality

Encourages communication across organizations by comparing
best practices to increase performance results

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