To process, investigate adjudicate, and negotiate the settlement of claims filed both on behalf of the United States and against the United States. This includes personnel claims, tort claims, affirmative claims, and claims under Article 139, Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).


ABCs of Claims


Explanation of claims that can be filed with this office

If you are unsure whether your claim can be processed by this office, please contact us.  However, please note that while we cannot assist anyone in filing a claim against the government, we can give you the necessary forms to fill out.

A common source of confusion relates to the differences involved with the various types of claims and the time limits applicable with each type of claim.  This confusion is understandable, especially as most people are unfamiliar with the claims process. Below are four of the most common types of claims.

Personnel ClaimsPlease click here

Tort Claims: These claims are made by anyone against the United States Government for personal injury, wrongful death and/or property damage allegedly caused by the negligence of a government employee acting within the scope of his or her employment. Tort claims can be filed under either the federal Tort Claims Act (28 U.S.C. 2671-2680) or the Military Claims Act (10 U.S.C. 2733).  Examples of Tort Claims include motor vehicle accidents and slip-and-fall accidents.
          If you are a government employee involved in a motor vehicle accident during the course and
          scope of your employment, please click here, for the Standard Form 91 (Motor Vehicle
          Accident Report).

          If you need to file a tort claim, please click here, for the Standard Form 95 (Claim for Damage,
          Injury, or Death)

Affirmative ClaimsThese claims are asserted by the government against a third party. Affirmative claims include damage to government property by a civilian or contractor.  For example, if a delivery truck damages a building on Fort Sam Houston, the Claims Office will make a demand for the cost of repairs to the building to the person responsible for the accident.

Article 139, UCMJ ClaimsThese claims are made under Article 139, UCMJ, against military personnel for the loss of, or damage to, real or personnel property that was wrongfully taken or willfully destroyed.  These claims can be filed by any individual (whether civilian or military), a business, a charity, or a State or local government who owns, has an ownership interest in, or lawfully possesses property.  All claims under Article 139, UCMJ, must be presented to an Army claims office within 90 days of the incident.  Please note that many claims, such as subrogated claims, debt collection, or death or personal injury, are not covered by Artice 139, UCMJ.