MISSION: The USAG-RP Safety Organization systematically delivers services and support to complete mission tasks.

VISION: A trusted team of multifaceted Safety Professionals entrusted to empower our community partners to establish safety as a cornerstone of daily living.

2024 Drive Safe Campaign

April 8-12

Support safe driving.  Following along and participate daily.  The life you save could be your own. 







Register for the USAG Rheinland-Pfalz Group Ride to support safe driving awareness.  All personnel with access to post are welcome.  Ride details will be updated here as they develop.

Date: 12 April 2024

Time: 0800-TBD

Rally Location: TBD

Last Day to Register: 04 April

Route: TBD



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                                                              SLIP, TRIP AND FALL PREVENTION
Slips, trips, and falls can result in injuries with lasting effects and even death. It is important to understand how slips, trips and falls happen, how to identify hazards and how to eliminate or minimize the hazards.

Slips happen because of a lack of friction or traction between a person’s footwear and the walking surface.
Common causes of slips to look for in the workplace are:
• Spills • Hazards created from weather (e.g. puddles and ice)
• Surfaces that are wet or oily • Loose rugs or mats

Trips occur when your foot strikes or hits an object, which causes a person to lose their balance.
Common causes of trips to look for in the workplace are:
• Obstructions and clutter on the floor • Poor lighting
(e.g. power cords, boxes, and open drawers) • Uneven or irregular walking surfaces
• Wrinkled or curled up mats

Falls can result from a slip or a trip when a person’s center of gravity is shifted and balance is lost.
In addition to slips and trips, other causes of falls to look for in the workplace are:
• Obstructed view (e.g. carrying large items) • Not paying attention to the surroundings
• Not using appropriate equipment (e.g standing on a chair, table, or other surface with wheels)

For further information contact the garrison Safety Office at 314 541-2301 or send an email to usarmy.rheinland-pfalz.id-europe.mbx.garrison-safety-office@army.mil

Driving Safety

Shows the current status for dispatching TMP vehicles and driving conditions for garrisons and sites.
Prepare for winter driving with information regarding driver responsibilities, winterizing vehicles and more.
This guide provides insight into foreign nation driver training and licensing requirements as well as cultural habits and attitudes towards driving.
INTERMEDIATE DRIVERS TRAINING: The class is required for all soldiers under the age of 26, and it is held on Sembach, Bldg. 109, on March 1 from 1-3 p.m.

Motorcycle Safety

To ride a motorcycle legally in Europe, the Army requires active duty Soldiers to complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. 

2024 Motorcycle Safety Courses

Basic Rider Course Dates: March 18-19; May 13-14; Aug. 12-13; Sept. 23-24; Oct. 28-29.

Experienced Riders Course: March 26; Apr. 8; Apr. 29; June 3; Aug. 6; Sept. 16; Oct. 21.

Information about IMCOM-Europe motorcycle safety classes.

Off-Duty Safety

The garrison has worked with the German Regional Health Office to publish a listing of authorized public and natural (lakes, rivers and similar water bodies) swimming areas.
Ensure your little ones are buckled up safely by following these tips.
Slips, trips and falls can happen anytime, anywhere.
Tips from the USAG RP Antiterrorism Protection Office regarding travel and public events.

Workplace Safety

Initial Incident Reporting Form