Soldiers arriving at Ramstein Air Base will receive their in-processing appointment schedule from the sponsorship liaison.

All others need to report to Kleber Kaserne, Bldg. 3245, Room 207 the following working day after arriving in the community.

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Soldiers and family members arriving at Ramstein Air Base will be provided a bus transfer to Baumholder Military Personnel Division, Smith Barracks, Bldg. 8660. Upon arrival, Soldiers will be introduced to a unit representative (sponsor). Prior to departure with the sponsor, Soldiers will receive detailed instructions on further in-processing.

Alternatively, Soldiers might get picked up by their sponsors at the Ramstein Passenger Terminal. In this case, the sponsor will provide information on further in-processing.

Read more about check-in procedures CLICK HERE.



Soldiers must contact their Central Processing Facility as soon as they receive orders and after they make flight arrangements. Also, Soldiers must obtain a Personnel Action Center (PAC) slip from their S-1. These are prerequisites to pick up clearing papers up to 12 working days prior to departure.