Emergency Operation Center (EOC)
Building 620
During a crisis situation, the Emergency Operations Center is activated to meet contingency or emergency operations requirements. The directorate participates in exercises with both on-post and off-post emergency response and management agencies and manages the installation Force Protection program.  More information on EOC.

Antiterrorism Office (ATO)
Building 620  
Phone: 925-875-4290
Conducts risk management to mitigate vulnerabilities or accept risk. The ATO allows garrison the ability to make decisions and apply resources to protect units, facilities, and programs including: DoD personnel, family members, civilians, contractors, etc. This includes weapons of mass destruction and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threat and risk assessments.

ALERT! Emergency Notification System 
The Mass Notification System (MNS) Alert! has replaced the  AtHoc MNS. All employees, Soldiers, and family members are encouraged to register for the Alert! notifications. This is an Army-wide system which allows you to receive notifications while on TDY if you designate that location in your Alert! account.

The Alert! MNS provides emergency and critical information directly to users via desktop alert, text message,  email, or  telephone  calls.  Notifications sent  via  the   Alert!   system   potentially   may include  information  or  actions to take  in  the  event of a  natural  disaster,  terrorist  attack  or  cyber attack. Other notifications are routine, such as information  about   prescribed burns, road closures   or network outages.