Establish operations at Camp Parks, CA and aggressively coordinate with various Regions to assist in preparation to conduct scheduled Army Program for Individual Training (ARPRINT) Mission(s) to conduct Military Occupational Skill Qualification (MOSQ), Additional Skill Identifier (ASI), Non-Commissioned Officer Education System (NCOES), Sustainment and Transition Training for Reserve Component/Active Component (RC/AC) soldiers which enables armed forces components to mobilize and deploy units capable of meeting wartime mission requirements. The Camp Parks TASS (Total Army School System) Training Center (TTC) supports Health Services Career Management Field (CMF), Quartermaster CMF and Personnel Service Support CMF


  • 42A: Personnel Services (1O/30/40 Levels)
  • 36B: Financial Management Technician (1O Level)
  • 92A: Automated Logistics Specialist – Warehouse (1O/30/40 Levels)
  • 92G: Food Service Specialist (1O/30/40 Levels)
  • 92Y: Unit Supply Specialist (1O/30/40 Levels)
  • CGSOC: Command & General Staff Officers' Course