Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS)

All units and agencies will schedule training and billeting using Range Facilities Management Support System (RFMSS). 


Unit representatives must request an account in the Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS) to be Unit Training Scheduler. The account will then be approved or denied by the DPTMS Training Support Specialist.

Our Training Support Specialist provides a working group class on RFMSS for all personnel. The goal is to make it clear and concise how to schedule training for your unit, to include submitting a co-use agreement, how to cancel training, how to track the status of your request.  For information on the next class offered, call our Training Support Specialist at 925-875-4305.

DPTMS scheduler hours of operations are Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. except federal holidays. We are located at building 350 on Adams Avenue.  If you have questions about scheduling call 925-875-4950 or 925-875-4305.

The availability of Parks RFTA facilities for non-Army use is determined by military unit usage.  Due to emerging mission requirements, the priority of training support at PRFTA is as follows.

a.            Priority 1 - USARC School Missions (i.e.) 80th TTC, and Parks NCOA

b.            Priority 2 - All other USAR Units

c.             Priority 3 - Active Duty Army and Army National Guard Units

d.            Priority 4 - All other DoD Branches, (i.e.) Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

e.            Priority 5 - ROTC Command

f.             Priority 6 - Government and State agencies

g.            Priority 7 -  All Other

Non-Army use of any facility by private parties will be secondary to all Military/Installation mission training.  Except where a preference is required by law, Army-controlled real property that is available for use for non-Army purposes will be granted in the following order of preference:

1.            Non-Army entities which support an Army, installation/project, or national defense mission.

2.            Other military departments or DoD activities or agencies.  Other Federal agencies or activities. 

3.            State or local government agencies or entities. Contractors who support the above. 

4.            Private parties.

5.            Public facilities. 

All requests for training and facilities are on a first come/first serve basis. Request must be submitted NO LATER THAN  30 days prior to the unit's arrival.

A unit will receive confirmation of their request within 24 hrs (unless the request is submitted the day prior to a weekend or holiday).

If a unit's request is incorrectly submitted or rejected due to incomplete information, the unit will be notified within 24 hours so this can be corrected and resubmitted.   

Billeting:  mao.p.tuimavave.mil@mail.mil

The DPTMS Training NCOIC identifies the total personnel count on the unit request, and accommodation is based on availability.  Once barracks space is allocated, the DPTMS range scheduler will notify units via confirmation email. We also issue linens and cots for sign-out.

Range Operations: mark.s.young34.civ@mail.mil

If you have questions on the best place to train based on your unit's training requirements, don't hesitate to call our Range Operations Manager at 925-875-4304. DPTMS encourages units to recon their training area prior to arrival to ensure they meet all logistics requirements and consider weather conditions.

Training Support Center:  If you want to schedule use of a simulator and have questions about classes, call our Senior Training Instructor at 925-875-4203 or Supply Specialist 925-875-4307.