1-363rd Training Support Battalion partners with Reserve Component (RC) and National Guard (NG) units in all stages of the Sustainable Readiness Model (SRM) and mobilization in order to assist them in achieving collective training readiness.


1-363rd Training Support Battalion (TSBn), known as the “Gunslinger Battalion” is a premier decisive action and hybrid threat training organization that actively assists Reserve Component and National Guard units to meet the needs of today’s modern, multi-component Army. We provide high quality Observer /Controller/Trainers that will objectively evaluate units, then diligently work with command and staff to establish a tough, but realistic training plan aimed toward achieving desired unit readiness levels.

Our trainers come from a diverse Active Duty, Reserve Component, and National Guard background, with all uniformed services represented. We are driven to help units achieve their desired end states through innovation, doctrinal fluency, education, and shared vision.

The Gunslinger Battalion conducts training across the Western United States. Our headquarters is at Camp Parks, Calif., and we train at Army Training Centers of Excellence such as Fort Bliss, Texas; Fort Hunter Liggett, California; Fort Irwin California; and Fort Polk, Louisiana.

We are constantly looking for new talent, particularly from units fresh from theater operations. If you are interested in becoming part of this elite training team, please contact our Strength Manager at 925-875-4367 for more information.