The Directorate of Human Resources (DHR) ensures the quality execution of a comprehensive human resources program that provides administrative support, services and systems to sustain the readiness and well-being of assigned and attached personnel at the Presidio of Monterey and tenant activities located throughout central and southern California.

Directorate of Human Resources

DHR consists of activities which sustain the human dimension needs of the Presidio of Monterey military community (Service Members, retirees, veterans, and their Families.) These activities include Joint Service In-Processing, Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP), memorialization, separations, Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program, retirement services; and the full spectrum of civilian and military personnel office services: ID Cards and DEERS; Educational Services for military personnel and eligible civilians and Family members; the Army Substance Abuse Program; the Administrative Services/Records Management/Installation Mailroom function; as well as Employee Assistance Program counseling and the Garrison Civilian Workforce Development Program.



** Due to the Shelter in Place restrictions, and to mitigate the risk of illness and reduce the spread of COVID-19 our servicing area is "Limited to Monterey County" Residents only. Additional restrictions apply if you reside in Monterey County, departed and returned to the servicing area. Contact (831)242-5209/5421/5232 for further information.


We continue to stand ready to support our Service Members, Civilian Professionals, and Families.  While our medium of delivering service has altered, our commitment to outstanding service delivery continues!


Thank you!



Common Access Cards (CAC) - CAC transactions shall be limited to initial issuance or reissuance of an expiring CAC within 60 days of expiration; CAC shall not be reissued due to printed information changes (e.g., promotions, name changes).


Uniformed Services ID Cards (USID)

( Family members, Retirees, Reserve etc..)

1.  If the cardholder's affiliation is unchanged, USID cards which expired on or after January 1, 2020, are authorized for continued benefit use through September 30, 2020.

2. Remote USID card renewals and reissuance shall be expanded.

3. Remote family member enrollment / eligibility updates are authorized.

4. Remote USID card initial issuance for first-time card issuance or replacement of a lost/stolen ID is authorized.



     Policy Guidance for ID Card Operations for COVID-19

     CAC Retention for Transferring Civilians

     COVID-19 Update on ID Cards and Benefits_v4

     COVID-19 ID Card FAQs


-  I.D. CARDS/CAC:  Reminder Individuals whose card will expire within 60 days are authorized to have their cards renewed. Appointments at: https://rapids-appointments.dmdc.osd.mil


- I.D. Card Appointments:  Individuals who have I.D. Card appointments, please print the confirmation letter, this avoids any disruption for installation access.


- Agent Letters:  Appointments *60% increase within the first week of the DLI/USAG HPCON status and telework implementation.  Agent Letters ensure the health and safety of elderly patrons as to prevent exposure to any potential risk, as they are among the highest population for potential contraction.

In coordination with 229th MI Bn S-1; Effective 6 Apr 20.

  1. All reassignment section civilian professionals require government computers at residence with VPN to access HRC Enlisted Distribution Assignment System/ and DHR share drive. 

  2. MPD reassignment section civilian professionals will review the HRC Enlisted Distribution Assignment System for Service Members assignments from their residence.

  3. MPD will forward Service Member assignments with all required levy briefing documents to the Bn S1.

  4. Bn S1 will notify Service Members of assignment and brief them on all documents required to be complete prior to the reassignment orders being published by MPD.

  5. Bn S1 will return complete Service Members reassignment documents to MPD.

  6. Upon receipt of Service Member reassignment documents, MPD will process documents/email published orders to the Bn S1 for distribution to the Service Member.


Office of the Director




Director 242-7099 242-6608
Chief, Workforce Development 242-5474 242-6608
Management Support Assistant 242-4074 242-6608
Casualty/Mortuary Affairs 242-4986 242-6694





Primary focus is providing quality human resources support to Army personnel and U.S. Army Garrison civilians at Presidio of Monterey and Ord Military Community. Coordination with Human Resources Command, Installation Management Agency West Region, Training and Doctrine Command, Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, USAG Directorates and tenant units, to include sister services, is critical to ensuring execution of quality Human Resources Programs.

Service Culture Campaign

Poster for IMCOM's Service Culture Initiative.

Central to the Service Culture Campaign is defining who we are as an organization. This is essential to ensuring our civilian professionals possess a sense of belonging to IMCOM, as well as ensuring those we support (our customers) understand who we are, what we stand for, how we will support them, and the vital contribution we (IMCOM) make supporting Army readiness. Toward this end, we developed and will standardize across the enterprise our Vision, Mission, and IMCOM Principles. We must always keep in mind that IMCOM’s primary mission is to serve and support our Army’s Rugged Professional – those Soldiers who may have to go into Harm’s Way. We Are The Army’s Home.