Documents for Review

NOTE: To meet operational security requirements, maps may have been removed from these documents to allow for posting to a publicly accessible website. Printed versions of these documents, including all maps, are available for viewing at the Directorate of Public Works Environmental Office, which is located in building 2168 at Fort McCoy.

Fort McCoy Installation Compatible Use Zone (ICUZ) Study (May 2016) (4.8 MB)

Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (20.7 MB)

Installation Environmental Policy (38 KB)

Installation Environmental Management System (311 KB)

Fort McCoy Environmental Management System Awareness Guide (136KB)

Drinking Water Reports

2020 Drinking Water Reports (North Post) (South Post)

2020 Drinking Water Report (Article)

2016 PFOS-PFOA Drinking Water Test Results


Executive Summary

Our Strategy for Success

Missions & Capabilities Briefing Card

Fort McCoy Guide

The Real McCoy Online (Installation Newspaper)

Fort McCoy History-related publications

Decade of Duty: Fort McCoy's Service to the Nation 2001-2011

Fort McCoy: Answering the Nation's Call Support of the Global War on Terror

From the Field

History & Heritage