Fort Hunter Liggett publishes the Golden Guidon magazine in January, April, July, and October with the PAO as editor.


In addition, we feature stories, photographs and videos directly on our website and social media pages, and through DVIDS.


Suggestions and submissions from FHL Military and Civilian personnel are encouraged. The Public Affairs Officer (PAO) is the sole point of contact and release authority for information on all matters of common interest to the installation workforce, tenants and residents.


  • Articles should include the 5 W's (Who, What, When, Where, Why).
  • Write a story you would want to read. Bring it alive. Make us care. Show us, rather than tell, why this story is important.
  • Spotlights: We are looking for brief stories to highlight an employee who has an interesting job, a fascinating hobby, or has accomplished something unique. Feel free to write about your own employees (with their permission.)
  • Send in a Word document, 12 point Calibri font, with your name on it as author.
  • Photographs must include the photographer's name, title, and a short caption describing what is depicted.
  • Submission deadlines are approximately a month before publication date.
  • Send to Amy Phillips, PAO/Editor: --AND--Cindy McIntyre, Public Affairs Specialist,