proceed to the gate for vetting.


Post Access:

In accordance with Army Directive 2014-05, all non-DOD ID cardholders must be escorted during their entire time at all Army installations or be vetted by the Visitor Control Center (VCC) for non-escorted access. To obtain credentials for non-escorted access, the VCC will run a background check through the FBI National Crime Database. Once favorably vetted, individuals will be issued credentials allowing them access to Fort Hunter Liggett. The credentials must be kept with the individual at all times.

Sponsors of contractors can visit the VCC from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday to expedite contractor credentialing. This process takes at least 10 minutes, so plan to arrive early. There can be a longer delay during high volume periods.

ALL access vetting are processed at the Visitor Center so visitors must go to the VCC when it is open.

Required documents:

  • Completed Access Vetting forms (Sponsor completes section 2) 
  • Two forms of ID are required

Hacienda customers:

Please check with the Hacienda for registration and vetting information. Links on the right.