Policy 12-1 Public and Media Requests

For requests of military participation in non-aviation public events, complete DD Form 2536 - Request for Armed Forces Participation in Public Events (Non-Aviation) and return to the Fort Hunter Liggett Public Affairs Office at least 30 days prior to your event.

Units at Fort Hunter Liggett are Reserve Forces and usually train only one weekend a month. Soldier participation is on a volunteer basis and only if it does not impede the mission.

For non-military or event requests, such as request to us a facility, complete FHL PAO Form 3 and return to the Fort Hunter Liggett Public Affairs Office at least 30 days prior to your request.

Authorized military participation is limited to:

  • military functions
  • official civil ceremonies and functions sponsored and conducted by federal, state, county and municipal governments
  • civilian-sponsored public events intended to stimulate interest in the Armed Forces, support the Army recruiting mission, exhibit patriotism, or celebrate a national holiday

For information about military bands and to find a band located close to the event, refer to the Army Bands Online website.

Limited Resources

Please realize that all Armed Forces units have specific military missions and training requirements. Participation in public programs will only be authorized when such support is in the best interests of the Department of Defense and the military services, and does not interfere with mission or training programs. In all cases, operational commitments must take priority and can cause previously scheduled appearances to be cancelled.

No Cost to the Government

Department of Defense policies require that Armed Forces participation in public events will be provided at no additional cost to the Government. The sponsor is required to pay, when necessary, the standard military services allowance for quarters and meals for all Armed Forces participants, and for other services which have been determined in advance and agreed to by the sponsor.