Due to the MHS GENESIS transition Sick Call will NOT be available June 1-16
24 May 2023 14:37
Due to the MHS GENESIS transition Sick Call will NOT be available June 1-16. During this time if a Service Member needs to go to Urgent Care they can: -Call the Nurse Advice Line, 800 TRICARE (874-2273) option 1; OR -Call the appointment line to get a referral from your team nurse, 1-800-493-9602/502-626-9997 *as always, if you are experiencing an emergency please go to the ER, there is no referral required for the ER.

The two Chaffee Avenue ramps to U.S. 31W (Dixie Highway) will have adjusted hours beginning this Friday, May 26
24 May 2023 14:36
The exit ramps will be open 6 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. EST Monday-Friday, and closed evenings, weekends and federal holidays, unless otherwise noted for a special event. For clarification: This is NOT the Chaffee (main) Gate located on Bullion Boulevard or the ramps adjacent to the U.S. Bullion Depository. The decision to adjust to the ramps’ hours of operation was made after considering a multitude of factors. Chief among them is to better meet the installation’s safety and security needs, while also still supporting peak egress traffic periods. It is recognized that there will be some impacts, to include units training at Fort Knox on weekends as well as to residents living in the nearby Knox Hills neighborhoods. However, the total drive time increase to reach U.S. 31W is less than five minutes for the most affected populations. Fire and emergency services will not be impacted, as they have additional access means available to support response efforts.

Use caution when entering and exiting the recycling center this week (May 22-26) due to an ongoing paving project
22 May 2023 14:17
Please use caution when entering and exiting the recycling center this week due to an ongoing paving project. The facility is getting new blacktop on Thursday or Friday that will require closure of the weight scales and shred services to complete the project. Please call ahead for hours of operation beginning May 25.

Chaffee gate will be closed from 9 a.m. to noon May 23
22 May 2023 14:15
Chaffee gate will be closed from 9 a.m. to noon May 23 for maintenance. During this gate closure both Wilson and Brandenburg gates will remain open for access. The Visitor Center will remain open.

Free FMWR/VFW Kids Fishing Derby at Camp Carlson June 3
18 May 2023 14:23
For the second consecutive year, young anglers will be dropping lines into Camp Carlson Lake June 3 during the 2023 Kids Fishing Derby, cohosted by Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10281 and Fort Knox MWR. The free event will include a tackle box, fishing pole and trophy for all children who participate. The derby will kick off with a safety brief at 9:45 a.m., followed by a day of fishing fun at 10 a.m. A free lunch will also be provided for children and parents. All children ages 15 and under are welcome to participate. Officials are asking that participants be registered prior to the start of the event. Registration forms can be picked up and dropped off at Sadowski Center or emailed to vfwpost10281@gmail.com. Children may also be registered on the day of the event between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m.

Memorial Day Prayer Service at Cavalry Chapel from noon to 1 p.m. May 24
18 May 2023 14:23
The Religious Support Office will host a Memorial Day Prayer Service at Cavalry Chapel from noon to 1 p.m. May 24 to remember and reflect in prayer on the sacrifices of all who have died in military service to the nation.

Annual post Memorial Day ceremony and cemetery visitation May 29
18 May 2023 14:22
Fort Knox will hold a Memorial Day ceremony at Kentucky Veterans Cemetery-Central in Radcliff at 11:30 a.m. May 29 in honor of all service members who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of the nation. U.S. Army Reserve Aviation Command Commander Brig. Gen. Roger Deon will be the ceremony’s keynote speaker. During the event, Deon will participate in a ceremonial wreath laying – a tradition honoring all U.S. service members who lost their lives in defense of the United States. The event will also feature a 21-gun salute, Prisoners of War/Missing in Action remembrance ceremony, flag folding and the playing of taps. Event parking is limited and available on a first come, first served basis, so attendees are encouraged to arrive early. On the same day, the installation’s 121 cemeteries will be open to the public for family and friends of those buried here to visit and pay respects from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Those needing to locate checkpoints may visit the Fort Knox Visitor Center at the Chaffee (main) Gate to obtain an event-specific map or speak with the Cultural Resources team for further assistance. Fort Knox Range Operations staff will be posted at checkpoints located around the installation perimeter to help those seeking directions to specific gravesites. All visitors ages 18 and older will need to provide a valid driver’s license and cell phone number when entering any checkpoint. For more information on installation access and pass requirements, visit the Fort Knox website.

AAFES You Made the Grade Program
17 May 2023 14:13
The “You Made the Grade” program is designed to reward students, 1st-12th grade, for above-average academic achievement and to inspire them to work that much harder. Recognizing the student’s academic accomplishments offers the Exchange an opportunity to contribution to the military community’s quality of life. Homeschooled children are also eligible. New for the 2022-2023 school year, qualifying students can receive a You Made the Grade Rewards gift card by presenting a valid military ID card and proof of an overall “B” average or better to their local Exchange. Straight “A” students will get a $20 Rewards gift card and overall “B” average students will get a $10 Rewards gift card, along with a coupon sheet to take advantage of their Exchange’s amazing retail, services, and food offers. For children who receive non-traditional A, B, C grades, the parent/guardian should provide, from the school, the equivalent of what a “B or higher” is for the grading system of their child’s school. If a child is homeschooled, the student should provide written affirmation of their scholastic aptitude from a parent or other community-authorized education provider. Parents just need to show the report card to a Customer Service Representative in the Main Store.

White-tailed Deer Fawns
17 May 2023 14:13
Please be aware this is the time of year (May-June) for white-tailed deer to give birth and fawns may be found alone on areas of the installation. It is important to know that if a fawn is found to leave it alone. Many people think when they find a young fawn hiding in the vegetation it has been abandoned; this is far from the truth. Young fawns survive by having very little scent and hiding very still in cover to evade predators. The doe will leave the fawn alone for extended periods returning periodically to nurse. If a person sees a fawn hiding (often you can walk right up to it) they should leave the area and do not disturb the animal in any way. Aside from potentially causing the mother to abandon the fawn, it is illegal to possess or harass all species of wildlife without a permit, and potentially dangerous. If a fawn is picked up it must be cared for in captivity and only licensed wildlife rehab centers are authorized to possess wildlife. Rearing a wild animal in captivity is very time and cost intensive. Please do wildlife a favor and do not try to "help" the young of any species. Nature and the natural parents are much better at caring for wild offspring than humans are.

Dealing with Nuisance Urban Wildlife
17 May 2023 14:12
While most people enjoy viewing wildlife, they can become a problem around homes and housing areas. With urban expansion and development, wildlife encounters have become more frequent in recent years. Many wildlife species have become very successful at coexisting with humans in urban and suburban environments. In particular, raccoons, opossums, skunks, gray squirrels, deer, and even foxes and coyotes. Many of the problems can be minimized or eliminated by doing a few simple things around the house. - Do not feed wild animals! Feeding them only draws them closer and increases the likelihood of a troublesome encounter. - Do not feed pets outside, or if you do, remove food bowls immediately after your pet has finished eating. - Secure garbage and garbage cans; use cans that have latches, or use bungee cords to secure lids. - Seal all cracks and crevices in your house and outbuildings, especially the soffit. You would be surprised at how small a crack a bat or mouse can get into, not to mention snakes. - If you have a chimney, be sure to install a chimney cap or use ¼ inch hardware cloth to cover it. Also, use the hardware cloth to cover all house vents. - Keep bird feeders clean to prevent disease transmission and clean the ground under feeders regularly to prevent seeds from building up and attracting unwanted rodents. If you have an encounter or conflict with wildlife around your home, don’t touch the animal, touching them can be potentially dangerous to you and/or the animal. Much of the time, if left alone, the animal will simply move on without any problem, especially if the precautions outlined above are followed and potential food and shelter is removed. Most wildlife poses an extremely low risk to people. If the animal does not leave on its own and continues to be a problem you will need to contact a pest management professional. If you live on Fort Knox in base housing, you should contact Knox Hills Maintenance (502-799-6565) for any pest or wildlife problems. For wildlife problems in the cantonment area you should call in a service order at 502-624-1171. For road-killed deer in the cantonment area contact the Provost Marshall’s office (502-624-1070) or the Fort Knox Natural Resources Branch (502-624-7373). If bats are encountered, contact the Natural Resources Branch. Fort Knox has three threatened or endangered bats (Indiana bat, northern long-eared bat, and gray bat) so any bats found in offices or houses must be released alive, and if possible identified by Natural Resources Branch biologists. Please do not kill bats; they are very beneficial, consuming almost half their body weight in insects each night. Snakes also are beneficial; they eat lots of mice and other small rodents. If a snake is encountered, don’t kill it; let it go, or call the appropriate pest management office for your area. Hopefully, by doing some of these relatively simple things around our homes and offices we can minimize or eliminate problems with wildlife.

CST Family Day and graduation dates
11 May 2023 12:13
Thousands of additional personnel and visitors will be in the Fort Knox area from May to August as part of Cadet Summer Training missions and activities. As such, higher traffic volume is anticipated, especially on CST Family Day and graduation dates. Everyone is asked to exercise patience and plan accordingly for longer-than-normal wait times at the entrance gates. Listed below are the scheduled CST Family Day and graduation dates: • Monday, July 3 – Advanced Camp 1st Regiment Family Day • Tuesday, July 4 – Advanced Camp 1st Regiment graduation • Saturday, July 8 – Advanced Camp 2nd Regiment Family Day • Sunday, July 9 – Advanced Camp 2nd Regiment graduation • Thursday, July 13 – Advanced Camp 3rd Regiment Family Day • Friday, July 14 – Advanced Camp 3rd Regiment graduation • Tuesday, July 18 – Advanced Camp 4th Regiment Family Day • Wednesday, July 19 – Advanced Camp 4th Regiment graduation • Sunday, July 23 – Advanced Camp 5th Regiment Family Day • Monday, July 24 – Advanced Camp 5th Regiment graduation • Wednesday, July 26 – Basic Camp 1st Regiment Family Day • Thursday, July 27 – Basic Camp 1st Regiment graduation • Friday, July 28 – Advanced Camp 6th Regiment Family Day • Saturday, July 29 – Advanced Camp 6th Regiment graduation • Wednesday, Aug. 2 – Advanced Camp 7th Regiment Family Day • Thursday, Aug. 3 – Advanced Camp 7th Regiment graduation • Saturday, Aug. 5 – Basic Camp 2nd Regiment Family Day • Sunday, Aug. 6 – Basic Camp 2nd Regiment graduation • Monday, Aug. 7 – Advanced Camp 8th Regiment Family Day • Tuesday, Aug. 8 – Advanced Camp 8th Regiment graduation • Saturday, Aug. 12 – Advanced Camp 9th Regiment Family Day • Sunday, Aug. 13 – Advanced Camp 9th Regiment graduation • Tuesday, Aug. 15 – Basic Camp 3rd Regiment Family Day • Wednesday, Aug. 16 – Basic Camp 3rd Regiment graduation • Thursday, Aug. 17 – Advanced Camp 10th Regiment Family Day • Friday, Aug. 18 – Advanced Camp 10th Regiment graduation For more information on CST, visit https://futurearmyofficers.army.mil.

Hooray for Heroes event on May 20
11 May 2023 12:12
The City of Radcliff is conducting their annual Hooray for Heroes event on May 20 in the parking area of Radcliff City Hall. The event seeks to show military personnel, first responders, and their families, past and present, the community’s deep love and appreciation for their sacrifices and devotion to our country. There is free BBQ food and drinks for Soldiers, retirees, first responders and their families. There will also be free amusements for children. Local businesses will be hosting nearly 100 display booths with free specialty items. The event is from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.