WEATHER ALERT - DPW message on steps to take to curb flooding issues
26 Feb 2021 15:29
High amounts of rainfall are expected over the next 72 hours. This could lead to flooding of basements and first floors of low-lying buildings as well as water ponding on roadways. It is critical for building occupants to check stairwell drains and yard drains to make sure they are clear of debris. Also, it remains important to regularly check the drains during the rainfall event to ensure they are flowing. Facilities that have experienced flooding problems in the past need to be monitored very closely. Report flooding conditions in housing to Knox Hills at 502-799-6565. Report flooding conditions anywhere else on the installation to the DPW work order mailbox ( during duty hours or by calling 502-624-1171 after duty hours. Motorists should use caution and remain alert for standing water on roadways.

Stithton Traffic Circle will be closed starting March 13
26 Feb 2021 15:29
Stithton Traffic Circle will be closed starting March 13 for the reconstruction of the traffic circle. This area will be closed until the construction is complete and vehicles will be detoured around the area. Please avoid this area and take different routes to travel around the cantonment area for the safety benefit of all. Be patient with the contractors they will complete the project as quickly as possible. For more information, visit:
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Touch and Take Library Browsing begins March 1
26 Feb 2021 15:28
Touch and Take Browsing is Barr Memorial Library's appointment-based model to allow library browsing access that prevents people from waiting while the Library continues to limit building occupancy for safety reasons. Patrons who want to Touch and Take will first be asked to hand sanitize, then they can browse the areas of the collection that are open - children's, teen, DVDs, Blurays, music, videogames and new materials. Staff will work with patrons to retrieve items they may wish that are not available in areas currently open for browsing. Patrons will be asked to make their selections carefully and check out any materials that they touch. All authorized users - active duty Soldiers, Families, retired military, DoD civilians, National Guard and reservists, TDY (2 weeks or longer), and students of on Post colleges/universities will be able to take advantage of this service expansion. 30 minute browsing appointments are available Monday through Friday. Please call (502) 624-1232 to make an appointment. For more details, call the Library at (502) 624-1232.

24 Feb 2021 09:07
From Feb. 26 to March 5, there will be military training exercises occurring in the Fort Knox training area that may be louder than normal at times. Military training involving aircraft, maneuvers and weapons firing in the daytime and nighttime hours is an important aspect of maintaining critical capabilities and readiness of all units. This notice is provided as a courtesy for residents of neighboring communities. Increased noise and vibrations may be experienced during this period.

Magistrate Court
18 Feb 2021 08:53
Business hours are M-F 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Tickets are all paid online at: (we don't have the capacity to take in person payments) Phone: 502-624-5668 or 502-625-5367 Upcoming court dates/ current location: Building 6014 on 15th Cavalry Drive: 19 Feb, 5 Mar, 19 Mar, 7 May, 21 May, 11 Jun, 25 Jun, 9 Jul, 23 Jul, 6 Aug, 20 Aug, 10 Sep, 24 Sep, 8 Oct, 22 Oct, 5 Nov, 19 Nov

Preparing for a winter storm
09 Feb 2021 13:52
The extreme cold and heavy snow fall that accompany winter storms can be debilitating and dangerous. Winter storms can affect everyone, even those who usually experience mild winters. Heavy snow fall can be blinding for drivers and dangerous for those It traps indoors. Winter storms may also include high winds, sleet, freezing rain, frozen roads, power outages and dangerously cold temperatures. HOW TO PREPARE FOR A WINTER STORM · Be aware of the risk for severe winter weather in our area. · Stay informed and know winter storm terminology: ○ Freezing rain—Rain that freezes when it hits the ground. Ice may coat roads, walkways, trees and power lines. ○ Sleet—Rain that freezes into ice pellets before it reaches the ground. Sleet can cause moisture on roads and walkways to freeze. ○ Winter storm watch—Weather conditions are favorable for development of a winter storm. Stay tuned to radio or TV for more information and instructions. ○ Winter storm warning—A winter storm is occurring or will occur soon. ○ Blizzard warning—Considerable amounts of snow with sustained winds or frequent gusts up to 35 mph are expected to prevail for at least three hours. Visibility is reduced to less than a quarter mile. ○ Frost/freeze warning—Below-freezing temperatures are expected. · Make sure your home is properly insulated. · Caulk and weather strip doors and windows to keep out cold air. · Insulate pipes to prevent freezing. · Consider what to use for emergency heat in case the electricity goes out · Understand the heating system in your home. Be aware that the most destructive home fires happen during winter weather due to improper use of heating devices. · To prevent water damage from burst pipes, keep your home’s temperature above freezing, even if you are away. · Keep your car’s gas tank full to keep the fuel line from freezing and for emergency use. · Make sure you have an adequate amount of winter clothing and blankets for your family. · Get an emergency supply kit that includes rock salt, sand, snow shovels and other snow-removal equipment, adequate winter clothing and batteries for radio and flashlights. · To slow the accumulation of snow and ice on your driveway and out sidesteps, pretreat these surfaces by spreading a small amount of rock salt. WHAT TO DO IF THERE IS A WINTER STORM · Stay inside and monitor the radio or TV for more information or instructions. · Eat regularly and drink plenty of fluids. · Practice fire safety, check the batteries in your smoke alarms, make sure there is plenty of ventilation if you are using a heat source that can produce hazardous smoke or fumes. · Dress in several layers of warm clothing. · If you are outside: ○ Do not overexert yourself in snow shoveling or any other physical activity. ○ When shoveling, do not try to move large amounts of snow each time. Lift with your legs to help prevent serious back injury. ○ Cover your mouth to protect your lungs from the extremely cold air. ○Keep dry and change any wet clothing as soon as possible. · Watch for signs of frostbite: loss of feeling or pale appearance in extremities. · Travel only if you must, during the day and on main roads. · If you are trapped in your car by a blizzard: ○ Pull to the side of the road and put the hazard lights on. ○ Remain in the vehicle, where rescuers are most likely to find you. ○ Run the engine for 10 minutes every hour to keep warm. ○ Exercise to maintain body heat, but do not overexert yourself. ○ Drink fluids to avoid dehydration. ○ At night, take turns sleeping and turn the inside light on. ○ Be careful not to waste battery power. ○ If you are stranded in a remote area, stomp large block letters in an open area that spell “HELP” or “SOS.” ○ Leave the car, by foot, only if absolutely necessary and the blizzard has passed. · Watch for signs of hypothermia: uncontrollable shivering, memory loss, disorientation, slurred speech and drowsiness. · If signs of hypothermia are detected, keep victims warm by removing all wet clothing, warm the center of their bodies first and seek medical attention immediately. WHAT TO DO AFTER A WINTER STORM · Stay tuned to radio or TV for more information or instructions. · Be aware of the possibility of flooding after a winter storm. · Seek medical attention immediately if needed. · Be very careful driving, as roads may still be wet or frozen. · Once you are in a safe place, report to your command if you are military or government civilian personnel. WHERE TO FIND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION · Federal Emergency Management Agency— · Centers for Disease Control and Prevention— · American Red Cross— · Ready Army— It’s up to you. Prepare strong. Get an emergency supply kit with enough supplies for at least three days, make an emergency plan with your family and be informed about what might happen.

The Federal Retail Pharmacy Partnership – an effort to increase access to COVID-19 vaccination
08 Feb 2021 14:50
Learn more about the Federal Retail Pharmacy Partnership, which is a collaboration between the federal government, pharmacy partners, and states and territories to increase access to COVID-19 vaccination across the U.S. Information on pharmacy partners participating in the program, cost and eligibility to get the vaccination, and more can be found at the following links:

Fort Knox Education Center to Offer GED prep
08 Feb 2021 14:49
No high school diploma? Have you thought about taking the General Educational Development (GED) test? Let the Ft. Knox Education Center assist you in getting started. The GED test, a value of $120, is currently available to Soldiers, Civilians, and family members at no cost. You will have the opportunity to work closely with Mrs. Lola Best, a certified teacher with 27 plus years of experience working with non-traditional students. She will guide you in preparing for the exam, the process is easier than you may think. She will help identify areas that need improvement and also areas of proficiency. She will provide paper based study materials or online resources to accommodate your desired learning style and schedule. The GED exam is composed of 4 sub tests in Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies. A pretest is required before you can take the GED. The pretest determines your ability to take the GED. The entire exam is offered in English or Spanish to accommodate potential language barriers. Do you or your family members need assistance with speaking English? We also provide assistance with English as a Second Language (ESL). For more information on GED or ESL please contact Mrs. Best at

Fort Knox Tax Center
03 Feb 2021 09:22
The Fort Knox Tax Center will be open Feb. 2 - April 15. This service is free for active duty, retirees and dependents. Appointments only - No walk-ins allowed this year. To schedule an appointment call 502-624-0044. The Tax Center is located in the basement of PIKE HALL, BLDG 1310. Hours of operation: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mon., Tues, and Wed.; 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. Thurs.; 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Friday
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