Mission Statement:  Directs, coordinates, synchronizes, and integrates installation operations and training support activities, while providing force protection, mobilization and demobilization, reserve component training support, force modernization, operational planning, and emergency operations functions to provide a focused operating and training environment for the Senior Commander and tenant organizations..

S3 also manages the 24/7 Installation Operations Center (IOC) and during emergencies, transforms the IOC to the USAG Italy Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Plans coordinate the development of operational plans for contingencies and emergencies affecting the USAG Italy AOR.  The staff also coordinates the installation’s Antiterrorism/Force Protection and emergency preparedness information campaign.  It participates in emergency tests, training and exercises with both on-post and Host Nation emergency response and management agencies and manages the installation Antiterrorism/Force Protection and Emergency Management programs.

Security is responsible for the development, planning, oversight, administration, management, implementation and enforcement of information security, industrial security, personnel security and associated training programs with primary responsibility for Information and Personnel Security.

Information on signing up for the ALERT! emergency notification system
AMICI is a workforce development program for Italian host nation workers. It falls under S 3/5/7
Our mission is to save lives, minimize the loss of resources, and maintain operational capability during an all-hazard emergency in the USAG Italy footprint. This is accomplished by providing Vicenza and Darby Military Community service members, U.S. and local national civilian employees, and their family members the education and support to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural and man-made disasters.
We execute a proactive Antiterrorism/Force-Protection program to protect personnel, their families, facilities and materiel resources against any threat, including a terrorist attack.
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