• jump tower ribbon cutting

    jump tower ribbon cutting



  • Hidden Heroes: San Bortolo Hospital

    Hidden Heroes: San Bortolo Hospital

  • Soldier Story: Spc. Siary Williamson, USAHC-Vicenza pharmacy technician

    Soldier Story: Spc. Siary Williamson, USAHC-Vicenza pharmacy technician

  • 'Arrivederci' to Col. Vogel, 'Benvenuto' to new USAG Italy Commander Col. Gomlak

    'Arrivederci' to Col. Vogel, 'Benvenuto' to new USAG Italy Commander Col. Gomlak

  • Soldier among first to respond in crash on Italian highway

    Soldier among first to respond in crash on Italian highway



USPS Email Scam
The Military Post Service Agency received reports of scamemails being sent to customers under the guise of the United States PostalService (USPS).

The message states an issue with a package, awaitinginstructions from customer, and fees to pay a certain amount.

This is a scam and USPS will not send emails detailing anissue with a package. This information had been communicated to USPSand they have sent it to their Cyber Security division to investigate.

COVID-19 Mask Policy


The Italian health ministry issued an ordinanceregarding the wear of a mask to cover mouth and nose throughout the country.

Starting June 28, in white zone regions (all of Italy iscurrently white) masks are no longer required outdoors. The ordinance isvalid until July 30. You still need a mask with you .

Masks must still be worn when distance cannot bemaintained, at gatherings and crowded areas, at outdoor spaces of health facilitiesand when near people who have impaired function of their immune system.

And you still need one inside, stores etc.

Updates to the General Order and other COVID-19information will be made available.

Quarantine Guidance

Travel from the U.S., an EU Member State, or a Schengen- associated country to Italy, no quarantine or testing is required uponarrival if any one of the following requirements is met:

  • Proofof vaccination. Accepted vaccines are:Pfizer/BioNtech,Moderna, Astrazeneca, Johnson&Johnson/Janssen. Personnel must possess a CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card or equivalent.
  • Proofof recovery from COVID-19 in the last 180 days.
  • Anegative result to a COVID-19 test within 48rs of departure. PCR and antigen tests are accepted but international airtravel may still require PCR test.

If none of the above conditions can be met, a 10-dayQuarantine and a negative test are required for quarantine release.

Children under 2 years old are exempt from testing andquarantine requirements. Normal layovers at airports are not considered when determining quarantine/testing requirements.

UK arrivals (not include international transit at Airports) must quarantine for 5 days with a negative test on/after day 4 to release.

For more information visit the USAG Italy COVID-19 page:

The most current requirements can also be found at:

Marco Polo Shuttle Bus Outbound/Inbound Travelers

Outbound travelers may use the Marco Polo Shuttle as normal.

Inbound travelers who are fully vaccinated may use the shuttle without consequence. The shuttle will stop at Bldg. 180 only and then get escorted onto Villaggio as required.

Fully vaccinated travelers must show proof of vaccination status to the Bldg. 180 staff duty personnel upon arrival or they will be subject to ROM.

Unvaccinated travelers using the Marco Polo Shuttle for return/entry into Italy are subject to ROM.

Personnel traveling on orders are subject to official travel ROM and must use the shuttle as available or request team move support outside of shuttle bus hours.

Shuttle reservations can be made only through the CAC protected website:

For more information on our shuttle busses, please visit:


Local Italian News (courtesy translations)

For community members interested in local Italian news, there is a new feature on the Garrison Home Page - Host Nation News. Italian members of the Garrison Public Affairs office translated local news from the Veneto and Tuscany, selecting stories from leading newspapers and television, to bring you Italian news coverage on key topics, to include COVID-19 measures, significant events in the surrounding areas and some lighthearted news as well. You can find the Host Nation News on the Garrison Home Page, just below The Garrison Outlook news stories. We will also share the latest translated news through the garrison Facebook page.

The Garrison Outlook (USAG Italy News)

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